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You can easily understand what critical essay writing means by the name of it. A critical essay requires you to do a critical analysis of a book, film or some other artistic work.

A critical essay on literature is something that you could get asked to write from the professor. Thus, as an assignment help provider, here, we will take a look at the points you should remember while writing a critical essay on literature.


According to the experts, an introduction is a must for your essay. In this section, you should give the title of the essay, author and should also tell what type of literature you are analyzing. With that, you should also write a thesis statement. It could be about the strength or weakness of the work or could focus on some specific facet of the work.


In the process of writing a critical essay on literature, you should keep in mind that you are analyzing a specific part of the literature and your reader is not aware of that. So, in the summary, you should make sure to remind the reader about the points that you are going to use for the analyses. You should keep this section short and to the point.

Analysis of literature
This is the most important section of the essay. In this section, you are required to prove your thesis about which you are discussing in your essay. This section of the essay is supposed to be the longest section that you need to write. While writing this section you should try to grasp the author’s argument, writing style and last but not the least, how he has developed the character.

You need to complete all these tasks keeping the thesis statement in mind. Additionally, what you can do is that you can find an example from the literature that can help you in supporting your thesis. You also need to keep in mind that your main quest is to criticize the work done by the author in this section. If you are not providing the content up to the mark, then you can’t be sure of the quality of the work you have done.


Conclusion section of the essay is that section where you need to sum up everything you have discussed in the above section. You need to write this section very carefully as the reader will pay more attention towards this and the introduction section. Explain and conclude everything briefly and explain why you have such opinion about the authors work.

These were the steps for writing a critical essay on literature. You can follow these steps to write a good and convincing essay or you can opt for our assignment writing service. We provide help in writing various types of assignments at best and affordable price.

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