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The Fear Of Failure

The fear of failure

How often have we thought that the task ahead is impossible, and have thus not even tried to do it? How often have we dreamed of achieving our goals, but have refrained from turning those goals into a reality? How often have we failed to try because we thought we are not capable of achieving something?

The word ‘impossible’ itself say I (a)m possible. Nothing in this world is unachievable or impossible, only you should only have the courage to get up and give it your best shot. Because as they say, try again and again and again and again.

Don’t be afraid of falling down, be afraid of never getting up again. If this simple fact gets to the mind of everybody around here, and it creates a space for itself in some corner where it is safe and will never be shaken, the world would become a much better place.

People are so afraid of failure that they don’t even bother to try out something new. What they don’t realize is that the absolutely worst and most horrific thing that could happen to them is that they would fail, and nothing more than that! How bad can that be? We all fail multiple times in our life, and that does not reflect our incapability or inabilities, it just shows sign of growth: signs that something new was strived for, and if tried again, that goal will surely be achieved.

Another aspect of the human nature that creates problems in their life is their tendency to doubt themselves. They believe that everyone around them is super-capable and can do any and everything, but when it comes to them, they will not just be able to do it! Why is it so, have you ever wondered? It is because the subconscious mind has been feeding on this kind of information for years, and it is very, very difficult to break away from these shackles and start afresh. Just think about how many times have you thought that you are not fit enough to do a task. These thoughts go into your subconscious mind, and it literally feeds on them every second, every minute, every hour, every day and practically all the time. This is exactly what the problem is: all the conditioning that we have given to our minds! How on earth can it be easy to re-programme our brains and just let go?

The next time you think of doing something new, something challenging, something daunting or simply something that is very difficult, don’t wait to stop and introspect. It is this micro-moment of hesitation that creates problems in your life. You see, the human brain has been programmed to keep you alive and safe. When you hesitate before doing something, your mind wakes up and it is triggered. It starts to process why you stopped to think about that particular thing. Surely, there must be some peril ahead of you. And because the brain wants to keep you alive, it stops you from doing that thing. Your mind is never triggered this way when you do any mundane thing, say tie your shoelaces, or wear your favourite shirt. This is because you don’t hesitate while doing these things. So the key is simple: do not hesitate. Do not give your brain even that micro-moment worth of pleasure, where it gets the time to analyse the situation and stop you from going for it!

Life is short, and it is a beautiful journey ahead. The choice is yours: do you want to lie on your deathbed worn out with all the adventures and misadventures that you have had, or do you want to let your brain win even in your last moments, where it is now regretting about the chances not grabbed at, and the opportunities left.

So go for it, just do it! Do not be afraid of the consequences, just live in the moment and revel in your own glory. After all, you have to build your own empire, and rule there for as long as you shall live!

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