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How can parents help their children to complete their homework

It is a matter of fact that the assignments are considered to be one of the most important evaluation tools to ascertain the abilities and the capabilities of the students. Most of the teachers and educational staff members consider the assignments to be an effective evaluation tool, and it is still existent in the educational system. However, it is to be noted that imparting quality education to the children is the top most priority of every parent, and thus it is their duty towards their children to help with assignments.

Parents helping students to complete their homework

Parents helping students to complete their homework

This article will discuss the importance of the parents and their role in their kid’s assignment help.

Why assignments are important?

The main aim behind giving homework to the children is to let them practice and revise what they have been taught at school. This acts as an exercise to gain an in-depth knowledge of the concepts that they are learning. Some of the teachers usually give assignments to prepare the students to learn the new concepts. For instance, when the teacher starts a new topic in the class, most of them ask the students to read the summary of the topic before taking the class. This helps them to maintain a flow with the students and allow them to easily correlate the topic with their own learning.

On an average, what is the appropriate time limit that must be spent by a student on Assignments?

It is a very crucial question and there is no such definite limit for the students because each individual has his own capabilities and potential. Hence it is a bit hard to answer such question that how much time would be sufficient to set aside for homework.

On an ideal basis, the following guidelines for homework are undertaken:

  • For grade 1-3= 20 minutes per night
  • For grade 4-6= 20-40 minutes per night
  • For grade 7-12= 60-90 minutes per night

There is one more principle that can be followed, where the number of minutes is calculated using the following formula: Level of Grade X 10 minutes


  • For grade 1= 1X10= 10 minutes per night
  • For grade 3: 3X10= 30 minutes per night
  • For grade 7: 7X10 = 70 minutes per night

And so on…

However, it depends on how the teachers collaborate with each other and make it effective for the students to accomplish their homework efficiently without any burden.

What role can parents play in providing homework help to their child?

This has been an important topic which is often asked by parents from a very long time, that how they can help their children in an effective way. Some of the teachers support this fact that the parents can play an important role in imparting quality education to their child, but some don’t think the same way. They believe that the students must perform in his own individual capacity without seeking any help from others. Following are some of the suggestions that can be undertaken by the parents to assist their children in completing assignments:

  • Parents must make their children realise the importance and value of homework by offering them a special space at home where they can do their homework. Parents have to make sure that the children have all the required stuff so that they will not be disturbed at any point for any kinds of petty things. It leads to the wastage of time as well as makes it boring for the students. Moreover, the electronic appliances must be shut down to avoid any hindrances.
  • Once the assignments or homework of the students are completed, the parents should check their homework thoroughly and should mark their mistakes to help them further.
  • Last but not the least, parents must actively take interest in the homework of their children and assist them to complete their tasks effectively.

Moreover, it is the duty of the teachers to assist parents to actively and efficiently involve in accomplishing the assignments of their children. We consider that none of the individual is an all rounder, and hence at some point or another, you may have queries in regard of your kid’s assignments, you must immediately contact the teachers of your children, or you may seek help from our expert tutors who can guide you for any kind of homework help or assignment help.




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