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Challenges Faced By Engineering Students

Challenges faced by Engineering Students

The whole world has been affected by the adverse implications of COVID-19, where many countries are still following the parameters of lockdown and other restrictions. These lockdowns have stopped people from travelling to other places, forcing them to stay within their homes for most of the year. This kind of forced isolation has increased the use of online technology in our daily lives. Like all other activities, traditional education has shifted from face-to-face learning to online platforms. Different schools and colleges have adopted this new pattern of online learning for students.

Though online education offers continuity in learning for students, it still comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles, especially in the field of engineering that was earlier focused on hands-on learning.

Some of the challenges faced by engineering students are as follows-

Logistical challenges

Though most of them can afford the means of online classes and other material, there might be a few cases where students or faculty members might not have access to necessary means of education, such as computers or laptops, printers or scanners, microphones or headsets, and even a stable internet connection.

Zoom fatigue

Attending so many online classes in a single day has resulted in students feeling tired and weary. All this can be attributed to zoom fatigue, where spending long hours of work in front of the computer has stopped students from attending regular engineering classes. There are even many delays and interruptions in videos and audios, which is why students get confused and need explanation more often. This kind of fatigue has made students more anxious, and they’re more likely to lose interest in their studies.

Practical learning

Learning the fundamentals of engineering can be quite easy during online classes, but understanding those concepts that can only be learned in a laboratory can be quite difficult. Practical learning is essential for students to help improve their observational and analytical skills. But with colleges shut, it is hard for faculty to manage laboratory teaching for students.

Internships and final year projects

The final year students are told to submit projects and internship files to complete their degree program. But with online learning, students have become more distressed as they’re not able to meet their teachers and discuss their projects with them. As a result, seeking solutions for their problems have become difficult.

Overcoming the challenges faced by students

There are many ways that can help colleges overcome such challenges faced by engineering students while completing their online degrees. Some of them are mentioned below-

Effective online classes

The teachers need to prepare their lectures in such a manner that they’re found to be more interactive and holds the attention of students. Teachers must offer more online collaboration opportunities to students that can help them develop their skills and learning. More guest lectures must be introduced by the faculty to help students learn from professionals who have great industrial experience in the field of engineering.

Availability of faculty

The teachers should be more interactive with students offering a platform to them where they can easily communicate with faculty as well as their peers. Apart from this, teachers must also guide students with their dissertation and other projects so that they can easily compile them.

Virtual labs

The more engaging study material must be delivered to help increase two-way communication between students and teachers for effective learning. Engineering is incomplete without proper equipment and laboratory experiments. Only with the help of laboratory learning students get to understand the practical concepts. This problem can be solved if laboratories are shifted to virtual learning with the help of software like Labview, Comsol, Matlab and Pspice. These kinds of virtual labs can help students learn both basic as well as advanced concepts.

Virtual internships

With the help of internship experience, students get to learn the real-world application of engineering. During the pandemic, students can opt for virtual internships in companies that offer an online learning experience of work.

Hope that this blog was useful for engineering students. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic projects or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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