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Best Tips For Writing An Effective Essay Conclusion

Best tips for writing an Effective Essay conclusion

Despite the fact that Shakespeare said, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword,’ the pen itself is not enough to make you a competent writer. Though at times, we may think of ourselves as the next Shakespeare of the century, but inspiration alone is not the key to effective writing.

Students spend a lot of time writing essays for their assignments, and you might just not underestimate it to be an easy task for them. With the growing competition every single day, students are dedicating most of their time and efforts on writing essays for their academics. No matter what course you pursue at the university, you all get hundreds of assignments and essays to write.

While writing an essay, the most common mistake that students make these days is to write a casual conclusion for it. Before you start writing an essay, you must make sure that extensive research has been done in the field so as to provide an efficient conclusion. Usually, these assignments and essays are a bit scoring for students, so they spend a lot of time searching the books and the internet along with the published work for research. The beginning of the essay might seem exciting and interesting for students to write. By the time he reaches the end, all of his energy gets drained out. Therefore, we can understand that by the time he reaches the conclusion, he feels like rushing through it. Because students get a huge number of essays and assignments to write for their academics, there is no denying to this fact that they want to complete all of these as soon as possible.

And in this rush, they might just forget to write a perfect end to it, which comes out to be the biggest mistake that they commit while writing an essay.

Why is the conclusion part so important?

When you present a speech amongst a group of people, you make sure that the end is kept well to make an exuberating and lasting effect on the audience. This is what you do to make it more interesting and attention-seeking. Now it might strike to you that why we consider a perfect conclusion writing for an essay; to embrace its end for the ever-lasting impact on readers. It is important for you as a writer to make sure that the essay you write leaves the readers with emotions like excitement, happiness, surprise, suspense, and so on.

Conclusions need to be written well and given utmost importance, don’t try getting this notion wrong just because it comes in the end. It is a struggling part for a student to conclude the essay he just wrote that leaves a good impact on readers. Moreover, you also need to remind your readers of what your essay was about by repeating it again.

Thus, conclusions are the most trickiest part of an essay, which becomes the reason why students need help with it. Here are some of the tips for you to write a conclusion for your essay in a much more effective manner.

  • Never repeat the introduction

One of the most common ways in which the students write their conclusions for essays is to repeat the introduction part. Students tend to think that all they need to do is to conclude their essay by paraphrasing the introduction part of it. Even, most of them just copy the introduction word to word for writing a conclusion. But you need to understand this that it will not bring you any help. Writing the same information again will do no good for your essay; it would just mean that you are eating up the words and not providing any real information to the readers. Therefore, when you write the essay for the next time, make sure that the conclusion is not copied from the introduction, and it should be able to provide the right information.

  • Do not make new arguments

In essay writing, conclusion does not hold a place where you formulate any new ideas and information for the readers. Therefore, do not try to introduce any new arguments in it. Most of the students think that providing new arguments of theirs, in the end, would create a good impact on readers. But this is not the right thing to do. Remember, there’s a reason behind why essays are divided into parts and why these parts hold different significance. Giving a new idea in the conclusion part gives the most abrupt ending to your essay. The readers expect you to end the essay right there, but while introducing a new idea or argument, you leave them with a number of questions and doubts, longing for more information with a baffled situation.

  • Conclusion is not a summary of all your arguments

In the hurry of just completing the leftover essay, you might just think of summarizing the arguments you have already mentioned above. It only works in the situation when the readers are not able to grasp the meaning of your arguments in the above body part. But, generally, it is not considered to be a good form of conclusion. Simply summarizing your arguments in the conclusion part would mean that the writer was incapable of thinking something new, and he did just to eat up the word count. Try making your conclusion a more creative platform of summarizing things.

  • Think about making it effective for readers

While writing the conclusion part of the essay, the writer must make sure that it creates an impact on readers. It should be written in a manner that gives the readers a reason for reading this essay. There must be something in the end that makes the readers think why they care about the essay. Remember the beginning and the ending parts of the essay are the most influential ones. It should be influential to such an extent that it makes the readers think about your essay again and again.

  • You can give a predictive end to the conclusion part

If you are talking about some social topic in your essay, you might as well try looking for its future. You can try to predict what might happen in the future or what could be the conditions further. The idea behind this is to make the conclusion a bit predictive so that it stays in the mind of readers. Words like ‘If’ and ‘When’ work well in this situation.

  • Do not end your essay with some rhetorical question

One of the most common things on the internet about writing a conclusion for your essay would be including a rhetoric question to it. A rhetoric question makes the reader think about the topic and subject again. But doing this would be helpful only if you are writing some speech or article. But when you are writing an essay for your assignment it is for the university, this means that it would be only submitted to your teacher, the sole reader. So, the only responsibility of a student to achieve a good grade in academics is to make sure that he includes the right information and effective content. A rhetoric question is not considered to fulfill this role. You don’t need your teachers to think more deeply about a topic. It is important for you to remember that you are going to be marked for it as per the rules of the university.

  • Justify the significance of arguments

You can use your conclusion part of the essay to mark the significance of your arguments made earlier in the essay. Many times, readers forget about the arguments made in the essay, and most of them fail to understand it. So, it becomes important for the writer to make sure that the conclusion part is used well to justify your arguments and also mark the importance of the same.

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