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All About Descriptive Writing

All about Descriptive Writing

Whether it is an essay, letter or thesis all this falls under the category of descriptive writing. For better perception, let’s just ask you a simple question, if you are given an assignment to write a descriptive essay, what will you write? Probably, it should be something imaginative; something that paints a clear picture of issue in the minds of your readers. If you want to write an excellent descriptive essay, begin by generating innovative topic ideas. Next, you need to employ vivid sensory elements and strong description material. And before submitting the final draft of your essay, never forget to polish and edit your essay to make it look the best.

Why there is a need to write a descriptive essay?

  • The motive behind assigning descriptive writing to students is-
  • It allows you to utilize new words in your content.
  • It assists you in clarifying the grasp of new content.
  • It enables you to produce more detailed and intrigued content.

Characteristics of descriptive writing

In order to write strong descriptive content, you must include several vivid sensory details that will help the readers visualize the scene and they’ll be able to connect to all of their senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. It helps the writers build images of their feelings through content to obtain reaction from people. For effective descriptive writing, your terminology should be precise. There is no place of passive verbs, general adjectives and nouns in such content. To build a better picture in the minds of your readers, use descriptive nouns and adjectives along with strong action verbs. For extraordinary effect, you can even add similes, metaphors, figurative language and analogies in your content. In order to present a well-organized descriptive essay, you need to maintain the important order, spatial and chronological aspect. Begin with a physical description whenever describing someone and then move on to how they think, act or feel.

How to write a descriptive piece of writing?

The finest of all descriptive essays would be rich in detail and sensory language, would be well-structured and more fact-based. They are not built up on opinions. Here are some tips that will help you write a perfect piece of descriptive essay for your assignment. Follow them to score well in academics.

Be specific about your essay topic

Well-written descriptive essays help you stay focused all the time. Before beginning to write your essay, make sure that you decide the aim of your essay. Here, a thesis statement would be useful for explaining and summarizing the main point. In these types of essays, a strong thesis statement would reflect personal perspective and you’ll be able to leave a lasting effect on your readers by pointing out the main facts.

Collect information

For dispersing primary ideas and points to the readers, collect sensory and background information along with the names, dates and physical traits. After collecting these details, categorize them into specific groups so that you can easily access them.

Make a rough outline

The individual body paragraphs of your essay should depict the main points of the topic, only then you’d be able to structure it well.

A strong introductory paragraph

In order to write an effective first paragraph, begin with a hook statement or rhetorical question. After that, present some background information and a list of questions that you are trying to attempt in your essay.

Effective body paragraphs

Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence so that you are able to grab the attention of the readers. This will also inform the readers of what they are expecting from it. Separate the details in each of the paragraphs. Provide as much information and detail in your content to make it more tempting. Generalizations always have a stronger impact on the minds of the readers.

Summarizing the final paragraph

Conclusion is a good place to restate the main points from introductory as well as body paragraphs. You cannot use this place to present some new ideas.

This was all about descriptive writing and its main features. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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