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How Do I Start Writing My Dissertation Paper?

How do I start writing my Dissertation Paper?

Students are often told to write a dissertation paper for their academics, especially when they are pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Typically, a dissertation paper is around 100-200 pages long and is considered to be the most important piece of writing in a student’s academic career. The three main components of a dissertation paper are – the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction part includes the thesis statement, and its main purpose is to address the issue. The body paragraphs include the evidence to support your thesis statement. And the conclusion is where you wrap the whole paper by summarizing the findings.

The first thing that you need to do for beginning to write a dissertation paper is to come up with a thesis statement. The thesis statement must comprise a one-sentence paragraph whose main purpose is to summarize the objective and scope of your academic paper. Once you have compiled your thesis statement, the next step is to perform research. Select an issue or topic, gather relevant sources, and carefully analyze your data. After performing the analysis, it’s time to write the paper. You need to follow the below-mentioned pattern for writing a dissertation paper-

  • Collect enough material for your paper
  • Analyze the data carefully
  • Write the introduction and review of the literature
  • Include the thesis statement
  • Revise the paper thoroughly and add more evidence to it
  • Write the body paragraphs
  • Repeat these steps again and again until you have a polished draft to be submitted for assessment

Writing a dissertation paper aims to present new ideas and thoughts that contribute to existing literature. In addition, it shows that you are able to conduct more research on the topic. So, while writing a dissertation paper, make sure that the topic you choose contributes well to the field of study.

Mistakes to be avoided in your dissertation paper

Here are a few common mistakes that students make while writing their dissertation papers.

  • Not being able to follow the teacher’s instructions
  • Not citing sources properly
  • Writing a vague or unsubstantiated thesis
  • Not being able to write on an interesting or relevant topic
  • Performing extensive research in too little time
  • Not focusing well on the project
  • Letting personal biases interfere with the compilation of your paper
  • Relying more on secondary data; instead of conducting original research
  • Neglecting the proofreading aspect

If you avoid these mistakes in your dissertation paper, only then you’d be able to draft a perfect thesis for your assessment. So, pay great attention to these details.

Format of a dissertation paper

According to experts, there is no such particular format for writing dissertation papers, but most professors at the university expect you to provide the paper in APA style. So, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully as mentioned by your teacher. The general format for writing a dissertation is as follows-

The abstract: Write two three paragraphs summarizing the key points of your paper

The introduction: This includes a thesis statement and a review of the literature. Here you need to explain what other authors and scholars in your field have written about the topic. Highlight why their conclusions are flawed and how you plan to challenge those existing theories on the topic.

In-text citations: To be included all throughout the paper.

Conclusion: Here, you need to restate the thesis statement. Along with this, make sure that you summarize all the key points that are important for your paper.

References: You need to provide a list of references in APA format at the end of your paper. This will include all the sources that were used to cite content within each section of your paper. You can even include an appendix on any data you collected while researching. In case you are familiar with the APA style of writing, there are many online dissertation help services that will guide you with the process.

If you find any difficulty with the topic, introduction, or part of your dissertation paper, consider seeking help from online dissertation writing experts. At Make My Assignments, we assist you in brainstorming interesting ideas for your topic so that you are able to provide quality content to your audience. Always remember to choose a topic that genuinely creates interest among the readers and makes you feel passionate about its writing.

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