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Writing A Short Essay For Academics

Writing a Short Essay for Academics

Students are often assigned with the task of writing a short essay for academics, so it becomes essential for them to know about its techniques and measures. There are many different kinds of essays that are necessary during one’s academic career; in that case, students must master them separately to score high marks in their assessments. The longer length essays offer the liberty to explain their ideas and views in a broader aspect; on the other hand, short length essays come with substantial restrictions since the word count is very limited. Under the short essay category, students are expected to take an exact and point to point description style of writing for their academics.

Guidelines for writing a short essay

  • The short essay should only talk about the selected topic, and no abstract discussions should be added in the content.
  • The basic format of an essay could be followed for this writing as well. Where the introduction and conclusion occupy a single paragraph, and the body section goes up to the mark of three paragraphs.
  • The basic length of a short essay stands from 400 to 500 words. Whereas, in terms of pages, it can go around one or two pages and not more than that.
  • The most common feature of a short essay is its preciseness, so students must keep their discussion to point and not elaborate any abstract thoughts.

Components of a short essay


The most important factor of writing a short essay is its length, and hence you need to make sure that the essay is written within a word limit. You cannot afford to discuss your arguments and elaborate them in detail under this kind of assignment. Therefore, it is always advised to prepare a proper outline for it before the final initiation. This outline will help students in determining the contents of their essay and what all things to be included for the same.

Thesis statement

The entire essay is judged according to the thesis statement provided by you. So make sure that you provide a straightforward and precise thesis statement for your essay that can help readers understand it. The thesis statement is always included in the first paragraph of your essay so that it can help convey the whole essence of your essay. The primary objective of writing down the thesis statement in the introductory lines is to notify the audience of what they’re going to expect further.


While preparing the outline of your essay, make sure that you create a partition for whole literature into different sections. Generally, the basic structure of this partition goes like Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

Major characteristics of a short essay

As the name itself suggests that a short essay should be limited to only some words. However, students should always note this fact that the format and guidelines for the same should be followed according to the aspects of a long essay. The only major difference between a long and short essay is their total length.

Another major type of difference between the two is the depth of the essay. From the starting section itself, students should make sure that they adopt the style of preciseness and clarity in their work. Controversial or trendy topics are usually adopted for drafting short essays. In the task of writing short essays, students must adopt the approach of addressing the question and making an argument for the same for better comprehension. Here, the writer is provided with the liberty to mention his personal opinion in writing.

So this was all about the aspects and guidelines regarding the short essay writing for academics. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your college assignments or essays, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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