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This article is presented with the intent  to bring in your attention that why academic research is important before you do your homework, paper or any other assessment. Now, every student, who gets an assignment or any academic assessment form their school or university, they want to high score, they want to be ahead from the whole class. So what are the ways in which student can score high in their assessment? There are few things which are need to be taken care of, while doing the assessment.

First of all, a student needs to understand the purpose of the assessment, that is why the assessment is being given to them? All the questions which are given in the assessment requires a great understanding of the fundamentals of the subject from which the questions are related to. For the fundamentals to be clear, the student must pay attention in the class and make notes of what is being taught. Secondly, a student should be clear about the questions. They can’t give a proper solution if they don’t know what the problem is. So, they need to understand from their teacher about the problems being discussed, so that they can give an accurate solution.

Once the students have collected all the information about the assessment, they should start with the research and reference section of the assessment. This is the best way to start any assessment because it is not possible to come up with a good solution without doing any research about the problem and its possible solution. The research and referencing part includes many things like, research papers, IEEE journals, studies, reports etc. which can be easily found on internet. Students need to spend most of their time in studying and researching about the subject, as the problem can be completely solved fro it. After collecting links,papers and various supporting documents related to research from the internet, student should go through all the study material they have collected and prepare a draft from it and the draft should include all the factual figures, graphs and critical reasoning.

Once the draft is complete and all the referencing documents are included, student should consult with their faculties and get appropriate feedback from them. Early feedback will help them in many ways like if a student is going in the wrong direction, their faculty can guide them to right path, or, if some things are are not up to the mark or missing, then they can help students by providing better solution. When the feedback is been taken into the account, next thing is to work on the presentation section of the assessment. There are many things that are kept in mind in the presentation section, like- style, size, color of the font, line spacing etc.

When all the things are done, the assessment can be submitted for final evaluation but before that deadline should be met by the student.

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