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Various learning disabilities

The number of students which are suffering from learning problems or disabilities are huge. They may be having theses disabilities difficulty not because of physical but because of neurological problem. They can have any difficulty like difficulty to read and write or not able to solve some basic math equation. There can also be some problem in managing time these kinds of students, or are unable to give abstract reasoning properly and one more most important difficulty is that they can problem with memory and it can be a short term or a long term. So there are many disabilities like these which affect student in his learning and his academics overall.


It is one the disability which creates problems in learning where they find it difficult to understand specially in the case of math’s. They may be having problems while understanding the symbols or see numbers and memorizing them or they are unable to organize these numbers well enough and apply correct formula and number counting and telling time also becomes a issue sometimes.    


There are some motor skills which every students needs to have and one of them is handwriting. So students suffering from dysgraphia have problems in handwriting and these motor skills. It can be like not able to write properly, clearly with good spacing and not doing much of spelling mistakes or taking to long to what he should write, or finds it difficult to think while writing at same time than this kind of kid can have this learning disability.


It is one of the most common learning disability that students suffer from. A kid who has this learning disability have difficulty in reading and his or her related language-based processing skills get affected as well. This problem may differ with every student and students can find it tough to read fluently, decode the words, recalling and can have speech problems as well.


Virtual percept or virtual motor

Its a disorder in which the sufferer finds it tough to get the hang of the information he or she sees and can have difficulty in drawing or copying. A student can also find it hard to hold a pencil in the right way such as holding pencil too tightly and might not have good eye-hand coordination.


Non -verbal learning disability

A student having this learning disability might have problem in understanding the nonverbal cues such as body language or facial expressions and might also not have the right coordination.


Auditory processing disorder

Also commonly known as central auditory processing disorder, in simple words it is a condition that badly affect the travelling of sound, that is how unimpeded sound travels through ears and how it gets processed by the brain and understood or interpreted by the brain. Individuals suffering from this type of disability finds it difficult to understand the minute difference between the sounds that are being processed even if the sound is very loud and clearly audible. Sometimes they also might find it difficult to tell the source of sound that is where is sound coming from, it can be due to blocking.

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