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Using Flashcards As A Tool Of Learning

Using flashcards as a tool of learning

If as a teacher, you have not used flashcards yet to teach your students; then this is the time when you should be starting to do so. Basically, flashcards contain small bits and pieces of information that can be used by kids as well as adults to learn small but critical information. This information can be mathematical formulas, new vocabulary or important history dates. Since flashcards do not have an overflow of information and they trigger the visual faculties of the students, they are an effective tool of learning new things and remembering them for a long period of time.

Here is a list of reasons of why you should use flashcards to teach students.

Ease in carrying around

The major benefit of using a flashcard is that the student can carry it anywhere quite easily, since a flashcard is a piece of paper, and not some heavy textbook. Thus, when students have to start preparing for their exams and are travelling to and from school, they can simply open their set of flashcards and learn small amounts of information on the go.

Flashcards make studies simple and interesting

Students find it interesting and fun-filled to learn using flashcards, and thus they prefer them to their traditional textbooks. This is because at a young age, kids get attracted to new things, and they are curious to know more about them. Thus, you will find that children, especially young ones, have a great liking for this method of teaching, and when taught using flashcards, they grab information very easily.

Promote versatile learning

By using flashcards, students can easily learn more than one language, different words of a particular language, or different math formulas. Thereby, flashcards aid in versatile learning.

For instance, if you are looking to enhance your vocabulary, you can jot down not only a new word and its meaning on a flashcard, but also its synonyms, antonyms, etc.

Affordability and easy availability

Flashcards can be purchased at the same price as a notebook or a diary. In addition, they are very easily available, and thus everyone can use them. In addition you can even make these flashcards at your home. All you need are pieces of paper, a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Cut the paper into small pieces and stick them together; and your handmade set of flashcards is ready in no time!

This being said, flashcards also help to filter the important data in your mind. You don’t have to search through the entire textbook to look for a particular piece of information or a fact, and this saves a lot of time while preparing for exams. Additionally, when you use flashcards, you don’t waste unnecessary time on learning things that are of less importance.

If you have not made the switch to flashcards already, do it now! And see the difference for yourself.

Also, let us know in the comment section about how flashcards have helped you in making learning easy for your students, or how you as a student, has benefited from this method of learning.

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