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You can easily recognize the anger and disappointment on your professor’s face if you submit a plagiarism-filled assignment. That disappointment is quite valid because your professor makes so many efforts to teach you throughout the year and if you turn up with a plagiarism-filled paper, then it could feel bad for him or her.

That’s why it is a must for you to write an assignment that is free of plagiarism. So, as an assignment help online provider, we have come up with an article that tells you the ways to avoid plagiarism in assignment writing.

Rephrase the content

We don’t need to tell you that here we are discussing how to avoid plagiarism. So, when you find some relevant content for your assignment, you should not feed it into the paper just like that. Instead, first of all, you should read it and then convert it into your own words. One more thing you should remember is that you should not copy verbatim more than two words in a row and if you use more than two words together, then you should use quotation marks.

Cite the paper

Citing is the most useful and easy way to prove the authenticity of your assignment. You should cite your academic paper keeping the document formatting guidelines set by your university in mind. There are many citing styles such as MLA, APA, Havard, Chicago, etc.

Try Quoting

When you want to quote a source, make sure that you quote it exactly the way it looks. The quote should be less than 40 words. If the word limit is 40 or more than that, the quotes are disapproved. All the experts and the higher education institutes agree with the above statement.

Cite the quotes

It is necessary that when you are using a quote in your paper, you must include the citation for it so that readers or any other person gets to know that the quote is borrowed not copied. You need to mention the page number and the paragraph from where you have picked up the quote.

Cite your own material as well

This method is used to avoid self-plagiarism. It includes citing and referencing of the material which you have used from your own previous research paper or an assignment. Following this method, you can convey your teacher that from where you have collected the information for the present assignment.

Using references

Using references is also an effective way for avoiding plagiarism. This ensures that your assignment is plagiarism free. You can add a reference page at the end of your paper or the assignment and cite or reference all the books or sites that you have considered for completing the assignment.

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