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Try to know your students personality

Not only students, every person in this world is different from the other in any way, some may be born talented, some may learn it over the time with patience and hard work. Some may find to do a particular task easy while that task maybe somewhat difficult for the other. In terms of behavior also there need to be difference, some may be kind, some may be witty and some other may be possessing some other quality. So we have to accept this fact that every person in our day to day life may be different to each other in some or the other way.

The same things applies about the students in the classroom also, so a teacher encounter number of students in his or her daily life but do not get the chance to understand each and every student and what there personalities are.

The silent ones

The very first type here we will discuss are the silent ones in the classroom. These group of students being quiet or silent doesn’t mean they are slow or dumb or frightened. They may be quiet just simply because of their nature also and may have some kind of hesitation also while speaking. But infact they might be having great knowledge skills and analytic skills. These silent can sometimes have so much knowledge that they can be the class toppers too so you cannot say anything about unless knowing about them personally.

The social students

You might have heard a quote that goes like “human is a social bird.” This type of students are a good example of it. They get along with their peers easily and don’t shy of giving you some suggestion on many things. They actively participate in extracurricular activities and are popular in the school or college campus. But it doesn’t mean that they come to the institute to have fun or to do some social service. Instead, they are good at studies as well and compete well with their classmates.


The smart ones

You must have noticed that sort of students, who up their hands quickly whenever you put a question in front of the class. These students can be categorized as smart. These are the hard working students who have this zeal of getting top grades. They are pretty disciplined and give much importance to their studies. They might be quiet or can belong to the chirpy category. They are the type of students whom you can choose as class representative.


The notorious or the annoying ones

The last but not the least type of students are the ones who add spice to your class recipe. You might find them playing football in the class, fighting with friends or they might annoy you by not completing the assigned task. All these habits of these students might take a toll on your mind and you might end up scolding at them. But, if they don’t come to school or college for some reason for one or two days, then you might miss their annoying habits


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