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The Concept Of Inclusive Education And Its Benefits

The concept of inclusive education and its benefits

Inclusive education is an excellent way to provide equal opportunities to students who belong to different communities. Basically, under the concept of inclusive education, all students, irrespective of their individual strengths and weaknesses in any area, general or specific, study in a common classroom. This ensures equal academic and social achievement opportunities for all students, and also makes sure that each and every student feels welcome in the class.

However, such an education system does not imply injustice as many would accuse it of, on grounds of the fact that different students have different needs and learning speeds, and they cannot learn and study together with the other students. In fact, this process makes sure that children are not discriminated or segregated from each other on the basis of their unique needs and learning styles, and they also feel equal and capable. Teachers fully attend to each and every student, and value them; which eventually leads to the maximization of the potential of these students in the long run.

The process of inclusive education begins with developing and designing schools, classrooms, labs, activities and programs in such a manner that all the students can grow, learn and participate together in a congenial environment.

Education experts, child psychologists and researchers have done a lot of research on the concept of inclusive education. They have undertaken the effort of outlining some of the major advantages of this kind of educational pattern, and it is a must for teachers to understand and appreciate this system, so that they can make the best use of it and use it for the betterment of the class as a whole.


  1. The concept of inclusive education does not pit one student against the other, and therefore there is no cause for a specific group of children to feel that they lag behind in a certain skill set, or that they are not smart and competent enough.
  2. It helps to enhance individual strength and abilities with the appropriate expectations. Students, when learning together, learn not only from their teachers, but also from one another.
  3. Inclusive education serves the dual purpose of helping students to work on their personal goals, and at the same time, it encourages them to participate in other activities with fellow students.
  4. It allows for the involvement of parents into the classroom, and thus even parents have a say in the education of their children.
  5. Inclusive education promotes the development of a platform where students learn to accept individual differences of one another. This promotes the much required culture of respecting others, and also promotes the feelings of belongingness.
  6. The system allows students to become friends with other students, who have different needs and abilities; thereby also discouraging bullying and harassment.
  7. It allows the students and teachers to live and learn in harmony and peace, which means that it has an overall positive impact on the school as well the community.

It is a great misfortune that inclusive education is often considered to be inappropriate by the advocators of other kinds of education systems. This category of people mistakes the system of inclusive education to main stream the education process by placing students who need special attention in general education settings. Therefore, this category of people claims that such an education pattern is not apt, and should be revamped.

However, as discussed above in detail, the benefits of such an education system are plenty, and it is up to the teachers to vary their teaching styles to meet diverse learning style requirements.


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