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The Components Of A Review Paper

The Components of a Review Paper

In some way or another, we are all surrounded by information. Whatever progress we make in society, whether its technological or any other sector, each field is expected to be reviewed via one or more review papers. So, when a review paper is written under such circumstances while highlighting all the ups and downs of the entire project of the progress made, we tend to inform the audience about it to get the right insight.

The purpose of writing a review paper is to acknowledge the present state of the topic. With the help of a review paper, the readers are given the opportunity to understand the topic thoroughly. A review paper generally shares a constructive criticism of the published work and also tries to shed light on the present and future scenarios. A review paper also welcomes feedback from the audience so that we can put forth their request or suggestion for future discussions.

While writing a review paper, there are certain components and facts that need to be considered. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned some to help students compile one for their academics.

Title page

On your title page, you need to mention the concerned the title of your review along with the name of the reviewer and date of publication. As per the instructions given by your instructor, you can also include some additional details to your title page. It is important to make sure that you follow the guidelines carefully.


Under this section, you provide a summary of the review papers that are already published. By reading the abstract section, the readers are able to understand the whole topic and its context.


This is the most important section of a review paper, where you need to introduce the topic with a careful insight into the background details. Students need to introduce all the unfamiliar terms before their audience so that they can witness an enormous scope of discussion. Do not forget to pen down the purpose of your review. A review is basically the medium to help establish the base of the discussion. With the help of the introduction thesis, the readers are given a chance to understand what the rest of the review paper is all about.


The discussion forum establishes the main construct of a review paper. It includes all the necessary information to help develop and support the base of the thesis. Even though there is no particular pattern to be followed for writing this, you still need to consider some facts that are essential for its build-up.

  • Do not summarize: Your review paper is not something that talks about the summation of literature; rather, you need to be extra careful of its concepts. Your main purpose should be to link the connections that are capable of illustrating and building a picture in the minds of the readers.
  • Stay focused: It’s a simple rule to be coherent and concise with the discussion; instead of roaming around unnecessary facts and figures.
  • Organize your points: Keep the points in order to ensure that the readers are able to follow your lead. The beginning of each paragraph should relate back to the thesis, as it is crucial to make your paper look effective. Be wise while using meaningful subheadings so that the audience could relate better to the content.
  • Correlate the discussion with the thesis: You need to relate the discussion section with the thesis to help accomplish your objectives.

All the points mentioned above should be followed critically to help draft an impressive discussion section.


Many of us commit the same mistake of considering the conclusion section as the weakest one, especially in the case of less experienced or amateur writers. It is crucial to treat your conclusion part as an integral one that needs to be dealt with serious context. In order to write a good conclusion for your review paper, illustrate the core links between the major points and the thesis.


The last section of your review paper should include all the citations that are pivotal for your thesis. Report all the work with proper sources of information in the citation list. The format of your reference sheet needs to be followed as per the guidelines mentioned by the university.

So, this was all about the review paper writing and its essential components. In case you require help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online academic paper writing services for professional help and guidance.

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