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The benefits of journaling

Keeping a journal is one of those things of the past that our generation sort of missed. Instead we believe in notes and sharing our feelings on more public platforms. Journaling, though, is a tradition that can be traced back to the 10th Century and history’s most prominent figures kept journals to record their lives.

The benefits of journaling

The benefits of journaling

We get it you think it’s archaic, not to mention embarrassing, and we also get it if you don’t plan on being famous and don’t want to leave your life behind for someone to scrutinize someday. But here’s the thing, challenge yourself to try it and you’ll know why so many people from the past swore by it. The habit has so many health benefits that it will shock you and today we bring some of these to you to convince you further:

Improves memory

Writing down your thoughts and ideas at the end of day ensures that these thoughts and ideas will remain in your mind for a long time. A diary is the place to store something new that you’ve learnt or an idea that you’re like to come back to later. Making a note of the little things in life helps you recollect incidents later, this way your brain is able to make a stronger connection with information.

Improve your writing

They say to master any art, you need to practice it. That is what journaling can be to you, a dedicated time to writing and the best part is you don’t need to think of a topic. You can just randomly pen down your feelings or anything that happened during the day. The more you write, the better you’ll get at putting your thoughts together.

Sparks creativity

The idea of writing in a journal is to let your thoughts run wild, instead of filtering them. Your diary will not judge you for the ideas that may seem too outrageous to voice out, after all! So when writing in a diary you should write without thinking, you record everything that’s running through your head. This ‘stream of consciousness’ way of writing will bring out ideas that you never knew you had in you.


Mindfulness means becoming conscious of your thoughts and there’s no better way to do that than journaling. Penning down your thoughts makes your brain active, it can bring a wandering mind to attention, having a cleansing effect on your brain. This can be a great stress buster, while it helps you engage with your feelings.

Emotional intelligence

Once you’ve become conscious of your emotions, you are on your way to organizing them, managing them in a way that you are the one controlling them instead of the other way around. This will help you achieve self awareness, and a person in tune with their own emotions is any day more likely to be empathetic when dealing with other people as well.

If the idea of a pen and paper is still too daunting for you, you can always try journaling applications. This means you can keep penning your thoughts in the go without any hassle and you can password protect them so your roommate can’t read them when you’re sleeping.

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