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If effective management is done in a classroom, it reflects the dignity of a teacher. The effective classroom management will also result in a better result from a classroom, which will further result in extra-ordinary consequences:

  1. Set your own rules and regulations.

It is not always about you being strict in a classroom, discipline matters a lot too. You need to create a bond between you and the students which are of friendship, but not in class. In class you need to be a role model for the students, you need to behave like a teacher who can clear a student’s doubts and who can also punish the naughty students.

  1. Teach students how to be responsible in the learning environment of the classroom.

You can form certain rules that remove the shyness of a student between you and him or her. Those students who have a personality trait of being a leader, assign them to be the class monitor. You can play games too once in a while to keep the thing interesting. You can gamify your study schedule so that every student participates in it, and much more. There are a lot of things that a teacher can do in order to keep things interesting.

  1. Send positive vibes towards the students using some words.

You need to use positive words instead of using negative words. The negative words you speak, they affect the student’s mind a lot. You need to think before you speak anything and check the state of mind of the student before speaking anything. There are many examples for replacing negative words with the positive ones. Instead of saying “you will get punished severely”, you can say “there will be consequences” or instead of saying “do not bang the door while leaving the class”, you can say “please shut the door quietly before leaving the classroom”. There are many other negative phrases that can be converted and said in a positive way. It will affect the mind of a student in a positive way.

  1. You need to admire the achievements of your student

You need to admire the achievements of your students, even if they are small ones. Students love to be appreciated by you. This will also have a positive effect on the students. You can appreciate their good behaviour in the classroom or when they get good marks in a test. If a naughty student is behaving well, you can complement or even offer a candy or a chocolate to him or her. Next day, the naughty student will definitely try to behave well again.

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