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Significance of change for students

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Change is something that is inevitable, and each one of us has to accept several different changes during our lifetime, yet we all resist change and try every trick to get away with the change. Nobody like a shift in their routine life and many of us are happy the way things are and are usually scared of the alterations. Changes can have either positive or adverse impact, but avoiding a change just because it may have negative implication is not a great idea. We have been given this life to experience new things, and if we waste this life doing one particular thing, then we may never understand what we like. The time we have here is limited, but there are a lot of stuff to do in this one life. So, do not waste life by following a monotonous routine, rather step out of your comfort zone and explore what you like and enjoy life to the fullest. I have grouped a few points as to how you can incorporate changes in your life successfully.

For students, it is all the more important to embrace the changes and look out for all the available options that they have. Change is going to take place, and if you accept it, it will be easier for you to deal with it or else it can create havoc in one’s life.

  • Helps you understand your potential- Once you make a shift towards something new, you know that whether the change is worth it or not. If you continue to pursue one thing, you may never comprehend your true capabilities. If you do not like arithmetic, but you keep on practicing the same, you will never be successful. Hence, you need to change your preferences to realize your real potential.
  • Makes you a better individual- Change seems to be challenging in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, but it is actually beautiful at the end. An individual who tries different things in his life is far better than someone who is stuck in one particular work. Effecting a change requires courage and a courageous person is any day better than an average
  • Keeps you motivated- Change always challenge you and keep you on your toes. And when a person is motivated from within, he tends to perform better. In the beginning, you may avert the change, but as soon as you accept it, it will encourage you to bring in the change in the most productive way.
  • The change gives a makeover to your dreams- Sometimes, following a goal may seem to be tedious and people often lose enthusiasm and do not give in their 100 percent. Change in such situations provides a great makeover to your existing You need not transform your ideas completely to challenge yourself, but a small change can do wonders for you. For example- if you do not feel motivated while studying, you may change your study room or can change the setting of your room for that matter. These small changes may provide a fresh outlook to your dreams.
  • Life never gets better by chance, but change- If you want to improve the quality of your life, you cannot sit idle and wait for the things to work on their own; rather you should take charge in your hands and make things happen in your favor. You never know which opportunity is waiting for you, if you do not allow yourself to check for all the probable opportunities. Embrace the changes that occur in your life and explore what life has to offer to you
  • Change brings the excitement- When we continue to perform a similar type of work for a longer time, we lose enthusiasm and become like a machine whose work is to do one particular function all the time. God always provides opportunities, but we choose to ignore them as we accept the things and make our lives boring and then blame the circumstances for our failure. Effecting a change is a good idea as it keeps the excitement on all the time.

Being reluctant to change will not help and will further make it difficult to cope with it. There is no way to escape a change, so it would be better to accept the change and instead of looking at the demerits, (if there are any) look for the positives.

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