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Reasons you should learn a Foreign Language

A foreign language does more than enhance your CV, it actually has a lot of advantages and enhances one’s cognitive process. Studies have shown that brains of bilingual people work differently from others and speaking more than one language has plenty of mental benefits.

Reasons you should learn a foreign language

Reasons you should learn a foreign language

Here’s why you should invest your time in learning a foreign language:

It makes you smarter

Learning a second language helps in decisive thinking, vision, memory and problem solving. Also bilingual people have better listening as well as superior understanding skills. Speaking a second language challenges your brain to recognize and negotiate meaning, making communication possible. This skill also comes in handy when negotiating meaning in other problem – solving tasks as well.

Helps you multitask

A bilingual person is constantly switching between two systems of speech when talking, writing, reading. According to study, this juggling makes them adept multitaskers, for their brain knows how to cope with hopping from one task to another.

Helps improve your memory

Our brain is like a muscle that needs exercise to keep it active and awake. It also needs to break the routine every once in a while, and a learning a foreign language can be the exercise that it needs for learning a language means memorizing and understanding the rules and vocabulary of that language.

To understand a culture

A language is more than a means of communication, it is as much a part of your identity as your name is. So, a language says a lot about a community – it’s people, it’s culture.

Learning a foreign language can open that window for you. It can help you understand a culture , sensitize you to it, deepen your faith in it. It’s a step forward in becoming a global citizen.

Learning a second language improve your first language skills

Believe it or not, it’s true. Learning another language tends to make you more conscious of grammar patterns, pronunciation etc of your own language. This is mostly owing to the fact that the learning process makes you a better listener and writer.

Also, it’s okay if you have apprehensions about learning a language if you have finished your studies but we recommend making the time and finding the courage to experience this process, irrespective of your age or profession. It’s never too late to acquire a new skill or experience something different.

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