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Microeconomics And Its Theories

Microeconomics and its Theories

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Microeconomics as a subject explains how and why different things have varying values, how individuals and firms conduct and benefit from production and exchange, and how society can effectively cooperate and coordinate with each other. It is a study that is likely to happen when people make effective decisions as a result of changes in production, prices, and resources.

Some of the important theories of microeconomics are-

Consumer demand theory

The consumer demand theory is where you connect the customer preferences of goods and services with consumer spending.

Opportunity cost theory

According to the opportunity cost hypothesis, the worth of the next best alternative is usually available as the opportunity cost.

Production input value theory

We simply define the price of any product or item as total inputs, as per the production input value hypothesis. Various production elements plus the taxation process must be included in the cost.

Demand and supply law

According to the law of demand, when all the conditions are held constant, the number of commodities as desired by the consumers intends to change inversely with the commodity price. This simply means that when the commodity price rises, the demand for the commodity also rises.

When all the conditions are constant, the law of supply asserts that an increase in the product’s price will lead to an increase in the supply as well, and vice versa. Shortage or excess demand will only result when the quantity given is insufficient to meet the quantity needed. So, the producers need to understand that they have an opportunity to earn by either producing or selling an appropriate amount at a given higher price.

Production theories

Under the branch of microeconomics, when businesses decide how many raw materials are to be utilized or how many goods should be used to make and sell, then we term it as production theory.

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