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Managing Busy Schedules

Managing busy schedules

A lot of people, especially students, complain that they don’t get enough time to complete their tasks on time, and as perfectly as they want to. In fact, the major reason behind not being successful enough, as per students, is their lack of time. They feel that their daily schedules are already very packed, and that they just cannot afford to take out time for anything else. Students these days are very ambitious, and there is so much that they want and aspire to do. Somehow, they lack in time management skills and therefore they struggle to complete their tasks in time. It is then not surprising that amidst this hustle bustle, they find no time to strive for something better and greater.

 Make a proper timetable

The need of the hour for today’s generation is to step back, and to review their daily schedule and activities. Unfortunately, there is no proper and ideal universal time table that can be made, and that students can follow all across the globe to achieve success. Each student would have to make his or her own schedule, and arrange tasks and to-do-things in a descending order of priority. This means that the most important tasks should be tackled first, and the less important tasks should be left for the end of the day. This has a great psychological impact on the student. Once the most difficult and important task has been completed, the mind feels relaxed and self-confident, and the remaining tasks can then be completed with ease.

Cut out the technology

If today you actually go ahead and take a note of every minute you spend on your phone, laptop and television, you would be shocked! There is only a finite amount of energy that every human has, which he or she can spend during the 10-12 hours that he/she works for. Surprisingly, a major chunk of this precious energy reserve goes down the drain, when we consciously choose to waste our time idling away on social media websites

 Review the work done at the end of the day

This is as important as making a time table for yourself at the start of the day. Every night before you go to sleep, cross out all the tasks that you have accomplished, and mark out the work that you could not do for whatever reason. Make sure that you finish this work on the next day positively. Also, reward yourself generously if you manage to accomplish all of the goals in your to-do list. This will motivate you to work better, and to achieve all of your goals within the set time limit.

 Make sure that you have the time to rewind and relax

All of us are overburdened with our work, and in trying to do all of that, we fail to realise the purpose of this life. We fail to thank God for this precious gift that he has bestowed us with, neither do we take out time to relax and enjoy this gift. The benefits of relaxing are multiple. Not only does it refreshen you up, but it also makes you feel cheerful and happy, so that you can start a new day with renewed positivity and energy.

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