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How To Write An Opinion Essay?

How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Opinion Essays are generally self-explanatory, where students are provided with a given topic, and they have to provide an opinion on that subject. However, seeing the complexity of work and format involved for writing, many students find it difficult to prepare an opinion essay for their academics. And this is the reason why most of them resort to taking online essay writing help for their assignments and essays.

For writing an opinion essay, students must follow the simple five-paragraph essay format, which works well in every situation. Here are some steps that can help students compile an intriguing opinion essay for their academics. Take a look at this blog further to know more about it-

Before writing the essay

Make sure that you collect enough facts and arguments to support your opinion for writing. So, the information that you gather for your content must fit in with the points you present for your opinion. Also, to make it sound more interesting and exciting, try to answer out these questions, while brainstorming different ideas for the same.

  • What things need to be answered in your content?
  • What are the questions that your audience might be looking for in content?
  • Which points need to be marked as important?
  • Are there any contradictory or inconsistent points in your content?
  • Do your arguments require any support or improvement?

Once you have organized all your ideas and content for the essay, begin with the writing process. Here you must pen down all your thoughts and opinions gathered during research.

Writing the essay


Here, you must address the topic sentence and the main subject of your essay. A brief introduction of what your essay is must be discussed here. Make sure that it talks about the thesis statement, whose main point is to summarize the paper’s main argument or opinion. Here are some special techniques for writing an introduction-

  • You can directly address the audience.
  • You can include a quote, direct expression or phrase from any book or magazine.
  • You can also ask a rhetorical question.

Body of the essay

Explain the whole theory of your content with the help of several paragraphs that provide a different point of view backed by justification. You must begin each paragraph with a unique subject word, where the key concept must be to back it up with some arguments. The purpose of writing a new paragraph should not be the exceeding length of your previous paragraph. A new paragraph should only be written to put forth a new idea or opinion. In order to enhance the quality of your body paragraphs, follow these tips further-

Tense: The essay must be written in the present tense.

Linking words: Make use of various terms for reasons, ideas and views of expressions.

Vocabulary: Do not use any phrasal verbs, idioms or colloquial phrases.

Punctuation: Do not use any brackets, contractions or exclamation marks.

Citations: Cite wherever it is needed.


You must always end your essay with a concluding paragraph. Here you must restate your opinion using a bit different terms. There’s no need to add any fresh concepts or beliefs to this content. However, to make it more intriguing, you can end it with a note or provocative question. You can also propose certain consequences to make your essay more engaging.

Editing and Proofreading

Before submitting the final copy of your essay, make sure that you edit and proofread it well to avoid any inconsistencies.

Grammar: Here, you must ensure that the same tense has been used all throughout the content.

Spelling and capitalization: Check all the spelling errors and capital words as per their requirements.

Vocabulary: All the terms used in your content must be connected to each other. Avoid the use of any slang in your content.

Plagiarism: The content that you provide in your essay must be original and authentic to its core. To avoid the use of any copied content in your essay, make use of plagiarism-checking tools or software.

Hopefully, by now, you must have got the answer to your question, “How to write an opinion essay?” Apart from this, if you require help regarding your academic essays or assignments, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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