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How To Write An Article Critique?

How to write an Article Critique?

Writing a critique for an article means drifting towards negative points about what is wrong with the text and how critical the situation is. In terms of definition, an article critique provides an unbiased and critical evaluation of an article. It generally summarizes the article in question and provides important information about the author’s background. Remember, it should not mention the list of contents. For writing an effective article critique, one must guide the readers through the ideas and objectives of the author.

The main purpose of writing an article critique is to point out the weaknesses and strengths of the text that too without any bias. It is always advised to follow a general academic structure since the critique needs to follow a strict pattern and has to be written in a formal tone. The general structure of writing includes three main sections, i.e., introduction, body and conclusion.

You need to read the essay again and again and then highlight how you feel about the text, its purpose and objective. While writing the critique, make sure that you do describe the main ideas of the author. First, you need to provide a brief description of the text in terms of its significance; second, include all the important elements that reveal the value of the article; third, explain the vision and intention of the author. In the final most part, you need to summarize the primary purpose. You must also remember that conclusion is where you need to present your views on the author’s idea. Also, do include supporting statements and references from other academic sources.

Writing an article critique might seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but slowly it gets simpler if you work on just the basics. The only primary need is to know when to start and align your critique and statements for writing. Here in this blog, we have mentioned a few effective steps that you need to follow for writing an article critique.

Take enough time to read the article

In order to formulate proper critiques, you must be able to understand each idea in the reading material. At first, you might miss out on the key points in the reading material. So, if something is not clear, just read the article thoroughly for better comprehension. If you are in doubt, consult some of the similar sources that can help explain the subject further.

Make proper notes

Once you have understood the article and its context, consider reading it again, but this time for making notes as you go along with the text. In case you come across any inspiring idea or thought, make a note of it. These notes can be later used to prove your statements or point.

Create an outline along with notes

The notes that you have prepared for your supporting content can also be used to create an outline. All you need to do is make points out of it and discuss the essential parts with readers. As you continue with the critique, make sure that you provide the readers with opinions and comments that can help them understand the content clearly.

Focus on the opinion section

This section must be used to describe and summarize your thoughts on the article. It needs to be supported by clear and credible evidence. Also, do mention if you liked the article. Do not forget to summarize the arguments if they were too weak and had several unclear parts.

So, these were some important points that you need to follow for writing an article critique. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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