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How To Write An Academic Paper?

How to write an Academic Paper?

For students who are not familiar with the process of writing an academic paper, it can be difficult for them to compile one. To help students write an impeccable academic paper, here we have presented a comprehensive guide for them. As per the definition, an academic paper is a form of assignment that are given to students to assess their skills and learning. In addition, academic papers are also used to pose questions or present an idea or argument to support a statement.

Format of an academic paper

Before learning to write an academic paper, it is important to first know how long it should be. The length of the paper generally depends on the topic, which falls around 10 to 15 pages long. This type of paper is usually written using a double-spaced letter with a font size of 12. A typical structure of writing an academic paper is as follows-

Title page: This is where you add your name, course title, and other essential details.

Abstract: This section summarizes the entire paper and talks about the aim of writing. Apart from this, it also talks about the significance of your paper. The abstract must include only a few paragraphs but should be less than one page.

Introduction: This section should be used to introduce the topic to the readers. You can begin with a catchy statement or fact to hook the readers with your content. Further, you need to discuss the topic and how you solved the problems that will be discussed later in your paper. The introduction is generally more detailed and longer than the abstract, but there is no restriction on the word limit.

Body: This section provides a background on the topic before actually discussing the idea. Along with this, mention the effects and impact of the ideas as a whole. Do not forget to include possible solutions. This section must give the readers a different perspective and analysis for research.

Results: Under this section, you need to present the answers to the readers. The writer here can also talk about the solutions they were expecting but have not achieved.

Conclusion: Here, you need to summarize the whole paper briefly and discuss the results as well. Try to end it with a wider question and provide a proper conclusion.

Bibliography: Here, you need to list all the resources that you took for reference while writing the paper.

The language of the academic paper

Once you are aware of the format of writing an academic paper, the next thing is to understand the type of language.

Formal: For an academic paper, you must maintain a formal tone. Avoid the use of slang, idioms, and colloquial words if you don’t want to sound informal. Also, do not include any professional jargon.

Objective: Your academic paper must be written objectively. Make sure that your sentences are never exaggerated. The expression of an idea or thought should be based on relevant facts and arguments.

Impersonal: Try to employ an impersonal tone in your writing. The best way is to avoid using the first person and use your sentences in the third person.

Simple: Academic papers must be definitive and clear. It tends to reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication.

So, these were some tips that you need to follow for writing an academic paper. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your assignments or academic papers, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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