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How to train your mind for success

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Ever walked into your room and realized that you have forgotten what you need? Or ever been introduced to someone new only to fail to recall their names within minutes?

While you may not be alone, having a sharp memory is a major factor in every walk of life. Students need sharp minds to memorize lessons for examinations; professionals need to remember their daily tasks etc. even though there are several planners, calendar mobile apps and various types of alerts to remind you of the important stuff that needs to be done.  For students, it is also important to remember the deadlines of their projects and the various textbooks to refer while studying, etc.  this will help your brain staying active and at the same time make you less dependent on various external sources. Eventually, you will feel empowered and self-reliant.

Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, the founder of Center for Brain Health, suggests that ‘ neglecting one’s cognitive health and allowing the brain to be unable to find its mental edge with mundane life activities rather than inventive thinking has redundant and deleterious economic, communal and individual implications.’

We have recorded six different tips that are backed by science to boost your retention power that will eventually help you become prosperous in every walk of life.

  • Take help of a pen- Penning down your thoughts or writing down the notes is one of the most basic ad effective ways to reminisce anything. It is undoubtedly true that when you write more, you tend to remember most of the stuff. You may have heard your parents and teachers asking you to learn the answers by writing them down, but ou used to see it as a waste of time. But now even science has proved that writing down something is a better way of learning.
  • Take a pause- Most of the students spend the majority of their day at attending lectures, completing homework, and assignments, studying for tests, etc. sometimes, amid all this you forget to take breaks, which is not a good idea as it impacts the retention power of your mind. Taking five minutes break after a particular time is a good option as it will help you to run your day smoothly. You will find it easier to recall the information. Taking a break and pausing for some time helps in memory amalgamation and preservation. Also, try and detach yourself from work and your study space to rejuvenate your inner resources.
  • Break it up- If you break apart information in part, the chances are that you retain for a longer time. Break the chapters into several different topics and study one topic at a time. Placing information into smaller groups will help you learn quickly. Mugging up information is a bad idea as it will damage your learning capabilities.
  • Memory Palace- Famous detective Sherlock Holmes in the series Sherlock used to create mind castles to restore the information that he gathered. Practice building a small space for a different set of information and create a room in your brain, you will easily remember most of the things. It may sound absurd, but in reality, it is one of the best ways to retain information in your head.
  • Say no to multitasking Focus on one thing at a time and do not juggle between different things. Several types of research that have been conducted in this regard to show that human mind is not appropriate to perform multitasking. Multitasking impacts your concentration levels and always disturbs your thoughts. Focus on one chore at a time and try to prioritize your work to complete everything on time.
  • Establish an emotional connect- Scientists claims that you tend to retain information for a longer time when you create an emotional connect with it. For example; while reading a chapter, try to build an emotional bond with it. You may use the names that are mentioned in the text or can correlate with a similar situation. The point here is, look for any emotional connection and build a story around it, this way you will remember everything.

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