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How To Make Your Assignment Look Presentable?

How to make your Assignment look presentable?

Assignment writing is an essential task for an academic career. In order to get good marks and achieve an excellent rank in the academic semester, students need to perform this task efficiently to impress their respective teachers and professors. Being a crucial part of their academic life, assignment writing needs to be played with great finesse and management. On the other hand, formatting is also an essential part of writing an assignment. Without proper formatting or structuring, your academic paper looks a bit dull, and you can certainly lose the chance of getting valuable marks. You might even fail the semester if you haven’t formatted your assignment carefully. This is the major field where students apt to lose their marks most often.

So, if you are really focused about scoring well in academics and getting into a good college or university, it is essential for you to give an ample amount of time to formatting along with its content. However, if you are not sure about your formatting or are confused at any stage, you can take help from assignment writing services that provide expert guidance in the required field. Along with its authentic content feature, they make sure that your assignment looks presentable enough in front of your teachers, by ensuring specific formatting, structuring, and desirable look.

In order to make your assignment look more desirable and quite presentable in front of the teachers, look at the following aspects of assignment writing that will guide you in the framing process-

Make use of ideal fonts

Although most of us prefer Times New Roman as the standard font of writing, but you can also adhere to fonts like Arial and Calibri, to make your assignment more presentable. You need to follow the ideal format and font for writing your content, as this is the most generous aspect which any student can perform. The font size for your content should remain between 11 and 12, as this is the ideal requirement of an assignment for writing its main body part. Always make sure that you use the black text font over a white background, to avoid the gazy look. The assignment should be written in the MS Word file and should use formats like .xls, .xlsx, .doc, or .docx. 

Make sure to write headings

Headings play a crucial role in hinting of what a particular paragraph is all about. So, in order to impress your readers at the very first glance, you should always write a short and appealing headline in your assignment. You can also make use of sub-headings in your assignment along with a small explanation to define them; this explains the right dispersion of information and knowledge in your assignment.

Right spacing is an essential need

The next thing that you need to focus upon is your type of spacing required in the assignment as per the mentioned guidelines of the university. Generally, you should use 1.5 spacing in your assignment, and double spacing should only be used if required by the professor. Make sure that you also include a blank line between every paragraph, in order to maintain consistency. If your questions are quite long in nature, write every question on a new page.

Title page needs to be catchy

The title page is something that contains the most important information about you and your assignment. So, it is essential for you to write it in such a way that makes it look attractive and desirable. The content included in your title page should include-

  • Title of your assignment
  • Number of pages
  • Your course name and number
  • Your full name and other personal details

Don’t forget the headers and footers

Headers and footers are also a must requirement of an assignment. Following details need to be included in your assignment along with headers and footers-

  • Student number
  • Student name
  • Course name and number
  • Assignment number
  • Page number

In addition to this, you should never forget to the number every page of your assignment, except the title page and reference list. Include required images and necessary tables, so that the readers find your content more interesting and easily readable. Well, if you still feel stuck at any stage of formatting your assignment, look out for assignment help services that offer expert guidance in various fields of academics.


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