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How To Make Sure That Your Resume Stands Out

How to make sure that your resume stands out

No matter how talented, smart, experienced or passionate you are; if you do not have an impressive resume, you will not get the job. It is as simple as that. Before actually short listing candidates and calling them for an interview, the recruiters go through their resumes. It is then obvious that they would only call up those applicants who managed to impress them with their resumes and covering letters, because let’s face it, thousands of black and white CVs in the same format all look alike!

The key to making sure that your resume stands out and creates an impression is to see to it that it blows the mind of the recruiter within the first few seconds. It should be short, crisp and to-the-point, yet it should clearly communicate all that you want to express, and should tempt the recruiter to meet you in person.

Here are some valuable tips that would make your resume stand out from all others, and increase your chances of getting that job that you have always dreamed of!

Insert keywords

A number of websites provide jobs to students. All that you need to do is to upload your resume on these sites, and add potential keywords in your resume, which would make it easier for employers to look for you.

Do a spelling and grammar check

Nothing puts off the recruiter more than a spelling mistake or a grammatical error in your resume. If you cannot make sure that a one page document is precise and accurate, employers surely would not trust you with important and confidential office work. Thus, always make sure that you perform a spelling and grammar check on your resume. Websites like Grammarly will do this for free for you.

Avoid special characters and accented words

No one has the time to read your resume in detail and figure out the compound words and their meanings. Make sure that your resume is simple. This means that special characters and intensified words which make it less readable are not needed, and thus should be done away with.

Add in power words

Power words are certain phrases that demonstrate your abilities, and make your resume more impressive and convincing. Include words like motivates, launched, initiated, launched, collaborated, developed, etc; since these words demonstrate your capability.

Take help of a sample design

Make sure that your resume has a simplistic design, but is eye catching at the same time. The layout should not be such that you have large chunks of text, and one has to search for information from within. To begin with, choose a simplistic font which can be read easily. Also take note that there should be enough white space in your resume, and that information is broken up in bullets.

Do not forget to mention the relevant awards and recognitions

If you have won awards in your field, or have been recognized by the industry organisation, make sure that you mention all of it in your resume. This will convince the recruiters of your worth and talent.

Even after all this, you may not be able to compose the perfect resume for yourself. In such a scenario, you can take the help of online service provides that would compose your resume for you. These expert writers are well versed in this field, and will write the perfect resume for you which will help you to find a good and respectable job for yourself.


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