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The stereotype learning is not a source of attraction for any student. It is not entertaining and tempting the students as these traditional classrooms need some modifications in them. Think that how much a student would like that a teacher instructs them to look at their phone screens, not for enjoying games on them but to ask them to experience some new and effective ideas to keep them entertained.

Nowadays a new technique of learning has been introduced which combines gaming with learning, which is termed as game-based learning. There is also another one termed as gamification. Let’s discuss them:

1. Game-based learning:

The game based learning is the practice of implementing the rules and elements of a game to a learning activity. The implementation of these rules and elements results into a game which is based on learning, not the other ones. For example, a teacher can create two teams in a classroom and can also decide an award for a winning team.

2. Gamification

Gamification refers to awarding the students upon completion of a task. This method is adopted by teachers as well as by a business organization too.

A survey was conducted in the year 2014 about the interest in game-based learning by different genders. In the first try, it was seen that male candidates showed stronger urge for digital games rather than female candidates. Whereas in the second conclusion, it was seen that the interest of candidates in the game based learning was based on the type of game they played. The survey showed that the male candidates liked to compete with others so they liked that kind of games, whereas female candidates liked those kinds of games which they can play independently. So the choice of the game varied gender-wise.

Bottom line:

The game based learning is more beneficial than gamification. According to the experts, a student can learn and find new and innovative things in a game based learning education system in a classroom. The traditional way of teaching which included a teacher, the students, and a blackboard is fading away with time. These types of classrooms are no more found interesting. So, every school should adopt this method so as to attract the students and continue their interest in education.

If you are thinking that you want these kinds of classes, then search out the internet for those kinds of schools which provide education and education with games too.

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