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Green tea and its benefits

Green tea has now become the most consumable drink in the whole world today. Green tea is made up of the Camellia sinensis  leaves   which have to undergo minimum oxidation procedure during their processing. Green tea got its origins in China, but with time it started becoming associated with various cultures throughout the Asia. It has been observed that green tea has recently become much widespread in the  Western nations where traditionally the black tea is mostly consumed tea in comparison to some other tea.

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Green tea is also being used as the raw material for various extracts that are used in different kind of beverages, supplements and various cosmetic items. There are various varieties of green tea that have been created in  countries where it  grows. These different varieties can differ substantially because of variable growing conditions, production, processing, horticulture and harvesting time. Green tea should not be confused with  the Oolong tea or black tea. Both Oolong tea and black tea are made up of same plant leaves  which are used in green tea, but there is a difference in their preparation and their medicinal effects.  Oolong tea is partially fermented,  black tea is completely fermented, whereas green tea is not fermented.

The growing conditions of green tea can be easily broken down into two basic types —firstly  those which are grown in the sun, then secondly  those which are  grown under the shaded conditions. The green tea plants are being grown in rows which are pruned for producing shoots in  a regular manner, and green tea plants are being harvested three times per year. The first harvest takes place in the late April to early May.Second harvest is usually done from June till July, and third harvesting takes place from the late July till early August. Also,sometimes there can be a fourth harvest, which  is  considered the first flush in  spring season  that brings with it  the best-quality leaves, along with higher prices for matching Green tea is considered the healthiest beverage on this planet. Green tea is available even bottled which is sweetened with sugar or with some artificial sweetener, available in tea bags, l instant-powder or loose leaves. Also the green tea supplements are available in capsule form or as liquid extracts.

Green tea comprises of antioxidants and nutrients which have a powerful effect on the body, which include improved functioning of  the brain, fat loss, reducing cancer risk and various other incredible benefits.

There are  a variety of enzymes, amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, sterols, various related compounds and dietary minerals present in green tea. There are various claims that have been made regarding the benefits of green tea on health based upon chemical composition, animal studies, preliminary research on  these claims is also promising,  and many of them also require further studies to be done to evaluate. Green tea is considered safe for moderate and habitual, regular use, however, by consuming green tea in very large quantity, and particularly in form of green tea extracts, it can cause oxidative stress and also liver toxicity. There are many  bioactive compounds in green tea leaves which make it into a final drink  contains large amount of various nutrients. It  also contains  polyphenols like flavonoids, catechins which are powerful antioxidants.

All these substances can help to reduce  the formation of free radicals in the human body, protecting damage of  cells and molecules. These free radicals  play a significant  role in aging and other type of diseases.

The more powerful compound that is found  in green tea is antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), it has been considered for treatment of various diseases and is one of the reasons for powerful medicinal properties of green tea.Green tea also contains some small amount of minerals which are considered important for health.

Green tea helps to improve mental alertness and ability to think. It is also recommended for weight loss and for treating stomach disorders, vomiting, headaches, osteoporosis, and  tumor cancers. It is also used for  curing Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease,  heart and blood vessels related diseases, diabetes,  blood pressure problems, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),  kidney stones, dental problems and skin damage Green tea helps to increase the metabolism rate.

The polyphenol in green tea works to intensify fat oxidation level and  rate at which human body is able to turn food into calories.Also, green tea helps in regulating glucose level by slowing the rising rate of blood sugar after a meal. This helps to prevent the high insulin spikes and the fat storage. According to scientists , green tea help to work on the blood vessels lining, helping  them to stay relaxed and to be able to withstand the changes that occur in blood pressure. It  also helps to protect against clot formation , which are main cause of heart attacks.

People consider  using  green tea for prevention of various cancers, like  breast cancer, prostate cancer,  gastric cancer, lung cancer,  tumor cancers ,skin cancer which is related to being exposed  to sunlight etc. Women use green tea to help to  fight human papilloma virus (HPV), that  causes genital warts,  growth of abnormal cells in  cervix , and cervical cancer.. Green tea also reduces risk of esophageal cancer,  it is  widely considered to kill the cancer cells generally without causing damage to the healthy tissues around them.

Some people  instead of drinking green tea apply green tea bags on their skin to soothe up sunburn and to prevent skin cancer because of sun exposure. Green tea bags, even help in  decreasing the  puffiness under the eyes, it is considered compress for the tired eyes or headache, helps to stop bleeding of gums  after tooth is pulled.It has been suggested that  chemical antioxidant “catechin” present in tea helps to destroy bacteria and viruses which cause throat infections,  various dental caries and  dental conditions. Theanine, an amino acid which is found in green tea leaves,is the substance which helps to provide  relaxing and a tranquilizing effect which is a  benefit to tea drinkers.Use of Green tea in candies  is considered  for various  gum diseases.

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