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Getting rid of Writer’s block

It happens to everybody, students and writers alike, when you are stuck on an idea and can’t turn it into a sentence. You type then you delete only to type and delete again and again. This is the realm of Writer’s block. The worst enemy of writers and students. How do you dodge this space on mind and get into the words floating from your brain to your screen effortlessly phase, though? Well today we have just the hacks for you to defeat writer’s block:

Getting rid of writer's block

Getting rid of writer’s block

Get out of the house

Staying scoped up in a room in front of a desk is not going to help your creativity. It’s ok, in fact advisable, to step into the outdoors and look for inspiration when you get stuck. You can go for a long walk or go to the Zoo. This way you see people going about their business, you see clouds passing by and it gives you things to think about and later to write about.

Enjoy the mundane

You may find it hard to believe but ideas come when you least expect them. So take a long shower or just clean your room. You can choose what mundane things you want to do, let your thoughts wander and trust us you’ll get the best ideas.

Lose yourself in some music

Let music lift your spirits. Really, music has the power to instantly make you happy, try it if you don’t believe me. Plug in your kind of music and let in takeover your senses. It will inspire you, excite you and refresh you into action again.

Use pen and paper

Sometimes ideas refuse to flow when you are stationed in front of a screen. Change your tactic then, go old school and start scribbling and doodling your ideas. Again these are great methods to let your expression flow freely and you might discover a great new angle in your writing or completely change track of thought.

Talk to a friend

Sometimes discussing a topic with your friend can give you new ideas and challenge you to get working. So just randomly call a friend and discuss the write up with him/her. Your friend can even give you feedback on your work also, which can be a new starting point for you.

Change your workstation

Sometimes you get stuck on an idea because your surroundings are completely uninspiring or it has nothing new to offer. All you need to do then is to try and change your workplace, change your landscape and you can open the door for a lot of ideas.

Coffee to the rescue

Coffee not only fights exhaustion, it also boosts creativity. It awakens and energizes your mind and it can give you the confidence to put aside your fears and reservations. It really does bring out the best work sometimes, so make yourself a cuppa!

Remember writer’s block usually stems from fears and self doubt, so you better defeat it lest it start controlling your mind. Good Luck!

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