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Factors Affecting International Market

Factors affecting International Market

Different world economies are connected by globalization that has paved the way for international business to flourish across boundaries. Along with digitalization, the international market has grown in the past few decades worldwide. This majorly includes cross-border transactions of goods, services, technology, capital, and managerial knowledge that take place between two or more countries. The firms and companies that carry out cross-border business are termed multinational companies. Globalization today has led to many profound social and economic changes. Multinational companies are tapping their valuable resources to host countries that lack workforce, equipment, and experience and help create jobs and revenue.

By doing so, it gets to increase revenue across borders, explore new markets and receive different tax breaks. All these activities are bringing the countries closer to each other, and there are many significant factors that have been affecting international business. This blog further explains those six factors-

Legal liabilities

Businesses that take place across boundaries come with a legal framework. These legal liabilities might differ based on employment rate, environment, age factor, wage rates, and disability discrimination. Therefore, we can say that it affects the working of MNCs because they have to abide by the rules of all countries. Additionally, many international lending agencies also block the way by affecting working policies and legal culture.

Technological factors

Technological factors are those factors that increase economic growth. It also paves the way for social change. Hence, we can say that it has both positive and negative effects on the countries that deal with cross-border businesses. It also threatens the existence of the local businesses to the level of extinction. Instead of this, it can also increase the level of global standards.

Political factors

Different countries with their different political considerations facilitate or hinder the working of a business. The government of different countries and the trade agreements between them are the ones that affect the foreign trade regulations, political stability, and change of actions of the new governments.

Economic factors

International business is also affected by many economic factors. This includes employment level, the value of the country’s currency, interest rates, allocation of the government budget, fiscal policies, demand for various products, income distribution, the purchasing power of customers, and inflation rates.

Social factors

Social factors like lifestyle and people’s customs have a direct impact on international business. In addition, other social factors like education, status, trends, and awareness of people in society determine the consumer’s behavior on how they purchase goods and services.

Environmental factors

There are many environmental factors that have become significant issues for international business in the last few years. This is due to an increase in environmental awareness. The factors like temperature, climate change, and weather affect the purchase of goods and services. Environmentally friendly products and services of different countries is also an essential factor that affects the international market.

So, these were some significant factors that affect international business. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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