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Difference Between Subjective And Objective Statements

Difference between Subjective and Objective Statements

If you are a literature student, then it is very important for you to know the difference between subjective and objective. These two words stand completely opposite to each other; where one is based on the point of views that are used to determine the type of writing, while other is based on personal views and opinions. In simple words, you can say that subjective is influenced by your personal feelings, while objective is only influenced by facts.

Here’s a detailed description on both the scenarios with stark differences between the two. Follow this blog further to know more about it-


As mentioned earlier, subjective is where you define your real feelings or emotions. So when we talk about a subjective opinion, we generally refer to one that is influenced by a person’s feelings or emotions or even point of view. The word subjective revolves around the two elements, i.e., interpretation and judgement. Therefore, when we talk about its basic explanation, we conclude it with something influenced by personal emotions or feelings. As humans, we do have feelings, and at times our emotions play an important role in framing our opinion, so we can simply say that our opinions are quite subjective in nature. Whether it’s our personal opinion, interpretation, belief or assumption, all of them fall under the same category of being designated as subjective.

When we talk about things like news reporting or decision-making, we do not find the subjective opinion suitable for this scenario because it is biased in nature. But we can find the context of subjective opinion in biographies, blogs, newspaper editorials, product reviews, comments on internet or social media platforms and comments on different discussion forums.


When you hear the word objective around you, remember that we are going to talk about some facts here and not emotions—being objective means that you are unbiased in your opinions. This also means that your personal feelings or emotions do not change your opinion or decision-making strategy. Objective information or opinion is always based on facts, which is quite observable and measurable in nature.

You can find an objective point of view in news reporting, textbooks, reports based on data and encyclopedias. This type of information is found suitable for news reporting and decision-making.

List of some common differences between subjective and objective

If a neutral statement provides real and true information to its readers, then it is marked to be objective in nature. On the other hand, a subjective statement is the one that portrays the writer’s personal outlook or point of view, therefore not showing the clear picture.

Subjective statements are always based on judgements, beliefs, assumptions and are most commonly influenced by personal opinions or thoughts. On the other hand, objective statements are based on mere observations and facts.

The objective information that you provide to your audience is always observable and measurable in nature. Whereas, when we talk about subjective information, it is entirely based on the subject, i.e., the writer or speaker.

Subjective statements are biased and reflect the thoughts about your personal opinion. On the other hand, objective statements are completely unbiased and balanced in nature. This means that they can also be checked and verified if needed.

Irrespective of the information you provide under the objective category, it remains the same at every level. Whereas, when we talk about a statement made under the subjective category, we mean that it can change from person to person depending upon their personal opinions and thoughts.

Unlike a subjective statement, an objective statement is quite useful for the decision-making process.

You can easily find the sources of objective opinions in textbooks, news reports and encyclopedias; while the source for subjective opinions can be found in reviews, biographies, newspaper editorials, social media discussion forums and comments.

So, these were some fundamental differences between the subjective and objective statements that are crucial for students to learn during their academic career. Apart from this, if you need any kind of help regarding your academic projects or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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