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A Post For Teachers: How To Respond To Parents’ Angry Letters

A post for teachers: How to respond to parents’ angry letters

Being in the teaching profession, you might often have to deal with parents’ letters and emails accusing you of not treating their kids in the right way. More often than not, these emails are very rude, and are filled with anger and frustration. Naturally, these messages will make you feel very sad and drained, and you would end up questioning your own abilities as a teacher.

A lot of teachers have to face these kinds of difficulties, and parents and teachers get miffed with each other due to these small issues related to homework, student behavior, exams, etc. In the end, teachers feel that they will not be able to deal with these issues. However, such problems can be solved easily with a few efforts from both sides. Let us find how this can happen.

Respond decently and don’t misbehave under any circumstance

Teachers are supposed to be one of the most decent professionals that exist. They are regarded not only as guardians of the students who teach them academics, but also as role models who instill numerous valuable qualities in the students. Thus, blasting back on parents for their rude and ill-mannered emails could mar your image forever, and your short term anger could end up having long term consequences.

A calm and sensitive approach is the ideal way to deal with parents in such a situation. Make sure that you write a respectful reply, and have a decided talk with the parents to discuss the matter peacefully.

Accept your mistakes where you are wrong

You cannot deny the fact that every person makes mistakes. At times, the issue can be due to some mistake on your part, or it could be your and the student’s partial fault. Such issues and tensions between the teachers and parents however can prolong themselves if you don’t admit the mistake, and consequently your relation with the students can also get sore. Thus, there is no doubt that you should admit your mistakes as soon as you can. Most parents feel satisfied with the apology, and would then start to develop a friendly relation with the teachers.

Don’t hesitate in holding your ground

It will not always be your fault, and thus you don’t always have to be at the apologizing end. Students also often make mistakes, and don’t perform well in academics, misbehave with their teachers, or indulge in bullying. However, due to their relentless complaints and the communication gap, the teachers become the villain in the eyes of the parents.

Asking the parents to attend parents-teachers meetings can prove really helpful to you, since you would get the opportunity to discuss in detail about the doings of the child. You could use this as an opportunity to show the parents that you are not the wrong one, and that the child’s behavior needs to be assessed.

Work together with the parents for the betterment of the student

A monthly review of the student’s performance could give you as well as the teachers a right idea about the kid’s performance and progress in the class. After this, you can make further plans along with the parents for the academic betterment of the child.

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