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5 Tips to fall asleep faster and better

Lots of students complain of not getting good sleep during the college. You find yourself stuck with lots of tasks in this life and your sleep gets dedicated to the assignments and exam preparation.

Even if you try to sleep on time someday, you may not be able to sleep faster. So, how could it be possible for you to fall asleep faster and get optimum sleep? We will try to crack the same in this article.


Exercise daily in the morning

You must be well aware of the numerous benefits of exercise. It could not only improve your physical health, but your brain could also feel relax with the exercise.

The ideal time to exercise would be early morning. It is the time when you will not find parks and gyms packed with people and you will also not have some task to do.


Make sure not to drink caffeine before 6 hours of sleep

Many of you may use caffeine not to fall asleep while preparing for the exams. Pupils have been doing the same for years. However, a study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine says that your sleep does not get affected if you drink coffee just before sleep.

The thing we would suggest you is not to drink caffeine around 6 hours before sleep. You could also replace caffeine with herbal tea as it could relax your mind and could aid to sleep.


The alarm clock must not be close to you

There could be times when you will find yourself free for sleeping. However, if your alarm rings as per the daily routine, then you may not be able to get the sleep you yearn for.

The only solution would be to put the alarm in the cupboard and delete the alarms from the mobile. After that, all you have to do lay on the bed and sleep.


Don’t get to much closer to blue light

In the modern times, you get much exposure to the blue light. It could come from the sun throughout the day. Phones, laptops and other screens could also be the reason of your staying in contact of the blue light constantly. It could hurt the melatonin that is responsible for inducing sleep that means it could affect your sleep much.

It is a must for you to avoid the blue light coming from the phones and laptops. You can install some of the apps on your computer to reduce the blue light. You can also wear the glasses that block the blue light.


Make the room sleep friendly

It is also a must for you to have such room setting that helps you in sleeping well. Few things you must keep a check on before sleeping are your pillow, room temperature, light, and sound. All of it must not make you uncomfortable as it could lead to you not getting optimum sleep.

So you should always sleep well because better sleep gives better result in a day.

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