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Elder Abuse- An Important Issue

Elder abuse is increasing day by day. More than 76% of the elder people are found to be the victims of elder abuse. Elder abuse is considered as mistreatments with the older people that result in loss or harm to these older people. The elder abuse could be of different forms. The essay discusses the overall concept of elder abuse, its effects, and the initiatives that have been taken by different organizations and government to minimize this issue. It is a fact that elder abuse increases the fear among the elder people which increases stress and directly affects their health…

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Product Development Process- Samsung Air-conditioners

Technology has achieved greater heights, and every now and then new technologies enter in to the market and those which cater to customers’ needs receive favorable response from the customers. Here, we study the Air Conditioners’ market and collect information regarding the same through the steps involved while developing a new product. The process of developing a product involves following stages: Idea Generation:-It is the first step in the development process. Any product developed is started as an idea. This is the initial stage where various ideas are generated. This step is important as it lays the foundation of a…

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Effects of Tax cuts on Small Business in Australia

A number of interesting developments has been introduced by 2015-2016 Federal Budget to the tax landscape of Australia. Number of incentives including two significant tax cuts has been introduced by the Australian government to allow small business to improve their cash flows, encourage competition and growth, and allow for hiring of additional employees. Opinion of the Prime Minister Mr.Abbott said that only the incorporated entities will receive the small business tax cut. There are several ways in which this small business tax cut will be found to be effective as it will help to stimulate investment, job security, generate employment…

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