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The Apollo Group, INC is one of the largest private universities and a leading online college in the North America. Most of the people at the age of 55 think of, or start planning and preparing for their retirement, a former teacher, named John G. Sperling, was in actual preparing to start a new journey. Sperling had his own vision in regard for The Apollo Group, Inc. His vision was far way beyond that is usually considered normal for some people.

He desired to accommodate the students of the college, but in a comparatively different way. He wanted to touch an untouched market of potential college students who did not belong to the 18-22 years old, rather he focused on the adults who were neglected and overlooked in terms of imparting higher education. It was reported that almost 70 million adults who are working in the USA doesn’t have a college degree.
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The working adults are very well aware about the fact that in order to take a step forward in their life, they require a college degree. However, due to the responsibilities of job and family, they were not able to attend their classes. All the people in the world know that higher education is the key to growth and change. With higher education, the world could be a lot different from what it is today.
In 1976, in addition to the goal of Sperling, to reach the target market of adults who are working, his goal was to earn money. Being a new entrepreneur and founder, Sperling has to face several issues in order to start the new venture and to make decisions accordingly. While starting a new person, just like all the persons, Sperling faced a lot of complexity, uncertainty, and also a lot of risk.
While recruiting the teaching staff, he tried to be very creative and he tried to go beyond what was normal in this field as well. Instead of recruiting experienced teachers and professors, he appointed some working professionals as teachers for the University of Phoenix. Most of all, almost all the universities that are operating in America are “non-profit”, but the objective of Sperling was to make money as well. This idea branded UOP as a “diploma mill”.
The University of Phoenix and its headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. By expanding its operation in the familiar and unfamiliar areas, the university would be able to dominate the adult market for higher education. In order to be successful domestically and globally, the Apollo Group Inc. has adopted the strategy to dominate the market of adult education wherever the UOP is established, expand its operation in the USA and in the international market, and should expand its offerings to the students.
The University of Phoenix has a belief that the services that are being offered by them in the international market can have a major growth opportunity for their international expansion. Traditionally, it is a fact that the international students who want to study abroad, come to the USA. In that case, it is not convenient for those students who want to study abroad, but cannot leave their jobs for the same.
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