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Unified Modeling Language or UML is a systematized, modeling language for general use in the field of software engineering. This language includes a defined set of coding and recording techniques to construct viewable models of object-aligned software-intensive systems. UML incorporates techniques from different sections of modeling language such as data modeling, entity relationship diagrams, object modeling, business modeling (workflows) and component modeling. All through the software development lifecycle and application technologies, UML can be used.

Unified Modeling Language contains seven different kinds of diagrams. These diagrams are called: use case diagram, sequential diagram, activity diagram, collaboration diagram, deployment diagram, entity relationship diagram and communication diagram. Each diagram has its own distinct purpose which helps in designing an improved solution. Universities offer a major in UML coursework and software engineering because it is beneficial. 


Banking and financial services- Banking service is not an expulsion. In the last one decade, information technology has become more universal in banking and financial services sectors and software engineering, which akin to the Enterprise information system revolves around the UML.

Unified Modeling Language can be used to exercise efficient workflow in various systems such as the legal system, software engineering in aircraft combat systems, transportation systems, patient healthcare system and hardware designing.

With the help of various diagrams such as activity diagrams and ERD diagrams it becomes easier to model a system and they help in completing programming assignments as well. It is essential to understand every bit of UML diagrams with all its cardinalities, functions and concepts of relationship for the completion of coursework

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UML is a demanding subject which requires an in depth research and expertise from various tools such as Visual Paradigm, Visio, UMLET. UML has a set of notations that needs to be understood to ace the language.

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