Discussion Board Assignment 2

Discussion Board Assignment 2 Discussion Topic  Critically evaluate the HR developer’s involvement in performance appraisal and the role of performance appraisal in human resource development. (Performance appraisal is discussed from page 143 in the Delahaye and Choy text.) The word limit for each Discussion Board Assignment is 1000 words, excluding references.

Discussion Board Assignment

Discussion Board Assignment Discussion Topic  Delahaye and Choy (2017) assert that “the HR developer must understand clearly the strategic direction of their organisation, because designing learning and developmental programs that do not fit into the organisation’s strategic objectives would not make sense” (p.123).  What specific learning and development initiatives would…

Information Technology Research Essay

Information Technology Research Essay Topic: In a world of information technology (IT) abundance, competitive advantage (CA) has little to do with access to technology. Indeed, because enterprise systems (ES) are the most adopted technology by businesses, it would be difficult for a firm to achieve a competitive advantage purely on…