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Key Guidelines to Strategise - How to write better assignments
Managing the strategy for development and expansion of all organizations is of utmost importance as it defines the mission and vision of operations. Strategy comes after deciding the goals or the purpose of the organization. Strategy means how we will be accomplishing or reaching our targets. The strategy involves compiling data, comparing data and taking the decision on the path which will be followed to achieve our desired goals.
Strategies are not made in the day nor are they changed in a day however they are dynamic and will amend as the time passes. They are made by the top executives of the company and approved by the Board of Directors to make sure they are in line to what stakeholders of the company expect. It is important to understand what effects will the adopted strategy will have on the external and internal environment of the company and if it will produce results consistently.
Strategic management helps to coordinate the work of all the departments and the cohesion between them so that there is no hurdle in achieving the long-term goals. Strategic Planning helps in answering three important questions which are "what do we do?", "For whom do we do it?", and "How do we excel?" In strategic planning, we ask the third question as "How do we beat the competition and stay at the top?"
Writing assistance could be provided in the following areas of Strategic Management
Business Strategy- All firms have a long-term objective which can only be achieved if the goals are realistic and the strategy adopted to achieve those goals is effective and according to market conditions. In this case, one has to look from the perspective of higher management.
Competitive Strategy- In every industry, there is competition and rivalry among the people having same business. Competitive Strategy, however, will make pupils learn about the competition in the market and how can one himself remain competitive and earn the decent profit. It works in all spheres and not to a particular area.
Help with empirical methods of strategic management- It is a very interesting area of strategic management. The understanding requires special attention of the pupils who want to learn about it. Empirical methods explain questions related to prices, sales consumer response, and employee productivity. Strategic Management is getting the deep understanding of empirical tools which is connecting cause to effect. You will get to know to answer the specific questions, how to evaluate and analyze what others have done and how to present data in a clear and simple way.
Miscellaneous area of strategic management- apart from the above-mentioned spheres strategic management team is trained in handling work of strategic management profile, financial and non-financial analysis, balanced scorecards and key factor rating, Identification of critical success factors (CSF), methodology and techniques used to appraise organization and value chain analysis.
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