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Website Analysis Assignment

Website Analysis Assignment

Complete this assignment by answering the following questions in this document. You may use bullet point responses when appropriate rather than full paragraphs. In either case, however, proper spelling and grammar is required.

When you are finished with the assignment, submit it online by the specified deadline.

Part A – The Basics

A1. What is the URL of the website you are evaluating?

A2. What is the name of the business or organization that owns/operates this website? (E.g., the website  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external owned and operated by a firm called Citybreak.) Do not put the web designer or web design firm.

A3. With respect to online vs. face-to-face business transactions, how does this business appear to operate?   What parts of the business are online and what parts are face-to-face?

A4. From a marketing perspective, why do you think this particular website exists? What do you think that the owners/operators of this website expect to achieve by having this online presence?

A5. From what you have learned about the website and the organization that sponsors it (i.e., the owners/operators), who do you believe is the primary target market for this site?  Why?

A6. Do you believe there are potential secondary target markets for this website (and what are they)?   Why or why not?

Part B –The Marketing Exchange

B1. Considering the Distribution Approach to Marketing Exchange, what are the main exchanges that this website should be helping to facilitate?   In other words, what is the information? …the innovation? …the compensation?…the transaction costs? You need to consider the various exchanges that the website is promoting regardless of whether they are online or face-to-face.

B2. What types of efficiency issues are at stake here? In other words, where can the flow of information, innovation, and/or compensation be made more efficient using e-marketing in order to increase perceived value to the company/organization and to its clients/users?

B3. Does the website seem appropriate for the purpose of facilitating the apparent main marketing exchange?   Why or why not?

Part C – Website Purpose and Design

C1. How does the website use the AIDA model to move people in the target market to make a purchase?

C2. What are some obvious (or even subtle) design elements that are used in the website that help achieve its goals?

C3. What is the structure of the website and how does that affect navigation?

C4. What does the website do to build connections and/or relationships with the target audience members?

Part D – Search

D1. How important do you believe online search is with respect to the success of your target website?

D2. From your examination of the website, what do you believe would be the key search terms that the owners/operators of this website would expect people to use to find their site? What search terms do you think that the target market typically would use? Do you think that the website is designed to optimize search results for these terms?   Explain each of these answers.

D3. Using some of the key search terms that you think the target market would use, perform at least five different searches (i.e., five sets of search words) on each of the following search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo (that is a total of 15 searches).  Does your target website appear on the first page of the search results?  If so, in what location?  If not, does it appear on the next several pages? What does this mean with respect to search optimization for your target website?  For the searches you just performed, do apparent competitors appear?  Does a casual observation of these competitors’ websites (homepages only) suggest that they would be more likely to attract the primary market versus your target website?  For part of the answer to this question, create a table of your search results listing the search terms, placement of the target website in the results, placement of apparent competitors (list some seemingly viable competitors), etc.

D4. What would you suggest as possible ways for your target website to improve its search results?

Part D – Online Social Media

D1. From your examination of your target website as well as specific searches for social media for this organization, what types of social media (blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) appear to be used by the business/organization?

D2. Examine some of the key social media links and consider their use in facilitating an efficient and effective marketing exchange.  What are your target website operators doing right?  What are they doing wrong?   What improvements could they make?

D3. What potential problems can this particular organization experience with respect to their current use of social media?   What opportunities are they ignoring?

D4. What would you suggest as possible ways for your target website to improve its social media marketing?

Part E – Privacy

E1. What types of privacy issues would seem to be relevant to typical visitors to your target website?

E2. What types of privacy issues would seem relevant to typical users of the website’s social media pages?

E3. Does the website have a privacy policy?  If so, what is the URL?

E4. What types of third-party seals or logos does the website display that would alleviate customer concerns regarding privacy?  Do they seem to be useful?  Why or why not?

E5. Do you believe the website sufficiently addresses the potential privacy issues that you have considered for questions E1 and E2?   If so, why?   If not, why not?

E6. What could the website operators do to improve their handling of potential privacy issues?

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