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Use of effective performance management and appraisals in an organization

Use of effective performance management and appraisals in an organization

Assessment Description

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Assignment Two: Instructions

Assignment Two covers Topics 5-7 and is broken into two Parts: a written report AND an oral presentation of your Report. BOTH Parts MUST be completed.

Assignment Two – Part One: Written Report

Locate at least one and no more than three relevant, recent (i.e. published between 2010 and 2016) different articles for each of the three Topics on pages 13-14 of this course outline, numbered (1) to (3).

Then, prepare an analytical Report divided into three clear sections – i.e., one section for each of these three Topics.

Each section must describe and analyse the issues in ach article you have chosen for each of the three Topics, as per the instructions (1) to (3) given on pages 13-14.

Your articles must provide sufficient detail and appropriate example/s for each Topic. You may use the same article to answer more than one Topic. However if so you must clearly explain in that section of your written report WHY you have re-used the same article for a more than one Topic, AND, the article you have re-used for another Topic MUST contain sufficient relevant material to satisfactorily analyse and report on each Topic you have used it for.

You must justify your analysis and conclusions for all three sections with some supporting evidence or information, using relevant information from your selected article(s) plus further information to support your own analysis and conclusions.

For sections (1) – Performance Management and (2) – Remuneration Management, your article(s) may describe a New Zealand organisation or one from another country.

For section (3), your article(s) may either describe health and safety management in a New Zealand organisation, or, may CONTRAST the health and safety management practices in any overseas organisation, against New Zealand’s current legislated health and safety requirements.

Your Assignment must be entirely your own original work and presentation. DO NOT JUST COPY content from any source as your ‘analysis’ and/or ‘report’!

DO NOT get someone else to write your assignment for you!

All resources you may utilize must be properly cited and referenced using the APA method.

All your information sources, whether hard copy or Internet-based, MUST be available to your course lecturer in the English language version.

 You may use any of the ‘Other Specialist Resources’ in this course outline, and/or any other relevant sources you wish. Some possible sources for your articles are given on the HRM e campus. You may use any of these sources, and/or other relevant sources you locate yourself. Make sure your articles contain enough information to enable you to cover the required content!

Attach a hard copy, correctly sourced, of each article (English language version) as Appendix One to your Report.

Failure to follow these requirement may result in loss of marks!

Plagiarising, copying, and copyright/other breaches may result in disciplinary action including expulsion. Page 14 of 21

Assignment Length: A minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 3000 words.

Format: Your report should use the following layout

 Title page

 a Table of Contents (Index) page, broken into the three Topic sections i.e.,

o Section1: Performance Management & Review;

o Section 2: Remuneration & Rewards Management;

o Section 3: Management of Employee Health & Safety.

 Each section should be organised into the following sub-sections: Introduction; Discussion and Analysis; Conclusions.

 Include a Bibliography using APA referencing that lists all your sources at the end of your Report.

 Attach Appendix One, containing your source article/s

 You may also include additional Appendices. Appendices contain extra or supplementary material which give extra information that is too detailed to be put in the main Report, but you think will help illustrate some aspect of the Report. Appendices need to be organised, numbered with a letter or a number, referred to within the Report and presented in a professional manner.

Professional appearance guidelines

 Ensure you have lots of white space; your Assignment Report will be easier to read. Print on only one side of the page. Be consistent in your formatting for things such as headings, subheadings, numbering, and in the way graphs and tables are presented

 Work that cannot be read will be photocopied then returned to you, unmarked. You will be required to resubmit it, unaltered, but, neatly word processed. You may be penalized for unsatisfactory presentation in the original version that you provided.

(For guidance on report writing see: Emerson, L. (2005). Writing guidelines for business students (3rd ed.) Victoria, Australia: Cengage Learning Australia Pty Limited. This is a highly recommended resource)

Due Date & Time:

Part One – 30 oct 2016

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