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The Sociological Imagination Template

The Sociological Imagination Template


How/why does culture shock often affect people who arrive in Australia from diverse countries, cultures and traditions, and how can they be helped to feel culturally safe?

Sociological Imagination

Cultural shock is one such term which is known to all. This is because in today’s time people don’t really tend to live where they are born and brought up. Rather they travel the world and live in different parts of it for a very big chunk of their lives. This drill however is not very easy. This is because adjusting to different cultures is one of the most difficult things that a human being has to do. Therefore they often have to face what is known as a cultural shock which can eventually hamper their physical, emotional as well as mental health for a very long time. Therefore, in order to educate people more about this topic the different universities all over the world have come across with subjects wherein the different topics related to who to deal with the different social phenomenon are taught to the students. Cultural shock is one such topic of the course.

What is cultural shock?

Cultural shock refers to the initial feeling of mind which an individual has to endure when he or she moves into a culture which is different from his or her. This cultural shock in more formal terms is known as the sociological imagination or personal disorientation. There are a number if different symptoms which are associated with cultural shock and may include feelings of boredom, homesickness, language barrier as well as an overload of information. This is the reason as to why most people are not able to function in a proper manner because they feel so disoriented from the culture which they have been put into willingly or unwillingly. In order to ease out the process of cultural shock the different stages of it have been identified so that awareness can be spread and then the right kind of steps are taken.

Cultural Shock Stages

  1. Euphoric: In this particular phase the individuals are so very excited to begin a new life in a new culture.
  2. Negotiation: This is the stage when the individuals start to feel overwhelmed and the feeling of frustration and irritation dawns upon them when they are not really able to understand certain aspects of the culture that they are in. Therefore, in this phase what happens is that people often go through phases of depression and also they do not really feel comfortable in the environment that they are living in anymore.
  3. Adjustment: This is the stage when the different individuals start to adjust in the surroundings that they are put into. Also, there are so many individuals who like to replace the old cultural values with the new ones that they are getting along with.
  4. Adaptation: This is the last stage where in the individuals are now totally comfortable and have started to adapt to the new environment and the new ways of living and in some ways they have also started to enjoy the same. Also, in this stage most of the individuals often try to keep a balance between both the cultures that they know of.

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