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Southern Cross University (SCU) COM00207 Assignment

Southern Cross University (SCU) COM00207 Assignment

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Assessment Description
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The aims of this assessment task are to ensure that you know how to use the basic information communication technologies that you will need to successfully study at Southern Cross University. In particular, this assignment aims to familiarise you with various aspects of the online Blackboard site MySCU, your SCU Webmail, and various vital site pages within the University website. By doing these tasks, sometimes by trial and error, you will learn how to access important information, and how to submit assignments.
The assignment will run as a ‘treasure hunt’ and consists of five short interrelated online tasks. One of these tasks involves answering a short online quiz. You may attempt the quiz as often as you need to, as in the end you need to get all five correct.
Some other tasks require your tutor to check your work, which might take a day or two. Most tasks only appear once the previous task has been completed successfully.
The tasks are numbered, so it helps to do them in order. You must complete all five tasks (including correctly answering all five questions in the quiz) in order to satisfy requirements for this assessment task and earn 10%.
Here are the instructions to get you started:
1.      Go to (commonly referred to as ‘MySCU’). If you have difficulty, log in to MyEnrolment ( myenrolment) and click on the tab ‘MySCU details’ for your username and password. This username and password are valid for both MySCU and your SCU email account.
2.      Find the link for the COM00207 site, and click on it.
3.      Read the notice titled ‘Congratulations! You’re on your way!’ on the Notice Board. This announcement will give you your clues to completing the first of the five tasks, and each task will in turn give you the clues you need to find the next task.

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