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Software Quality Assurance Assignment

Software Quality Assurance Assignment


This assignment requires you to produce an academic report on industry standards for quality assurance of software.


Select any one of the topics from the list to provide a comprehensive description on industry standards that requires for a software to provide quality assurance. Present you findings that should include purpose, principles, classifications/levels, and process standards involved, models, industry practices, benefits and limitations on the chosen topic.

The report should include a title page, table of contents, an introduction, body with logical sub- headings and a summary. The body of the report should contain between 1800 (min) and 2000 (max) words (excluding executive summary and references).

You must cite at least eight current and reputable sources to support and validate your writing. You must also list all non-cited references in the bibliography. Your text book should only be used as a guide to report.

Topic List

SEI Capability Maturity Model ISO Standards
IEEE Standards
ISO/IEC 15504

Software Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) COCOMO
Six Sigma

You can choose other Quality Assurance (QA) standards but first check with the lecturer that they are appropriate.

Provide a written report to academic report standard describing your topic and findings. Use accurate APA 6 referencing. Include at least five references to the sources you use to write your report. Include the following in your report.

A title and executive summary
Purpose of the chosen industry standard
Description on principles, industry practices, classification/levels, process standards involved.
Benefits and limitations
A glossary of terms if necessary

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