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 Dissertation is an extended process of written work which portrays the result of individual independent research on topic of your own choice. The first and the most important step in finding dissertation ideas is the topic. The topic you chose has to be interesting, eye-catching and something which attracts readers. The topic must be knowledgeable, original, and solvable and it must stick to ground facts. Following are the 6 prime points which will help in finding the perfect dissertation ideas.

1. GO WITH AN INTERESTING TOPIC: – Broadly all the dissertations ask you to do the same thing. But topic has to be different and interesting to attract the readers as well as you. The more interesting the topic is the more you will be engaged in studying and writing about it else you will end up switching on other topics.

2. SOLVABLE AND SCALABLE TOPIC: – Interest is necessary but at the same time topic should have some great scope of getting solved. As you have few days to know all about the topic and there are deadlines so chose the topic wisely it should not be too simple, narrow or complex as it will consume lot of time and length.

3. UNUSUAL SUBJECT:-Any topic which is new is the best to pick as you can go on with your independent thought and research. Formulate a question that your dissertation seeks to answer and potray your thoughts in such a way that clearly demonstrate how they connect to your question.

4. BE ORGANIZED: – Be organized with data and available resources as it will help you in time saving and qualitative writing .Seek data from interviewing people about how to structure dissertation and what dissertation methodology can be followed. The organized data and resources will lead to effective and efficient writing. Make short notes and sub-points on data available as its not easy to use all the information available.

5.WORK AROUND YOUR MASTER’S THESIS:- Working on your master’s thesis will be beneficial as well as time saver as you already have all the structured content in hand  and it will make your writing easier.

6. LEARN TO RELAX: – Don’t indulge yourself in complicated content it will only attract specialists and will increase your stress. Go for simple and interesting content as it gives you scope to relax and it will attract all types of readers

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