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Review of Healthcare Articles

Review of Healthcare Articles

Assignment Description

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  1. Czaja, SJ , 2015, ‘Can Technology Empower Older Adults to Manage Their Health?’, Generations, 39, 1, 46-51
  2. Northridge, ME et al., 2015, ‘A Community-Based Oral Public Health Approach to Promote Health Equity’, American journal of public health, 105, Suppl. 3, S459-65




AT least 10-12 References

For this task, two journal articles from the reading list provided. This two articles with different approaches to community and self-care and compare their contrasting approaches. Consider the strengths, weakness and opportunities of each approach.




1000 word, report on the readings is designed to provide an opportunity for you to apply concepts and demonstrate the knowledge.



Think about the following questions:

What are the health cares and support principles found in each reading?

Hint: first list or highlight the key ones mentioned in each reading… perhaps brainstorm some possible ones first…

For example, they may include: human rights, respect, dignity, choice, empowerment, professional values, respect, and universalism, access.

Compare the two readings are the similar or different? How are they different?

Consider how each approach effects the delivery of health and wellbeing

Hint: think about the different approaches, outlooks and attitudes. e.g. self- care, community care, health promotion, comprehensive delivery and choice

Hint – Consider the range of marginalized groups such as people with disabilities, refugees, Indigenous people

How do the health care approaches used in the articles compare to your own approaches to health care delivery?…

Examine your own values and your professional va

Criterion 11. Identify and discuss the health care and support principles, which underline each of the readings
Criterion 22. Consider how each approach effects the delivery of health and wellbeing services for diverse communities
Criterion 33. Reflect on the approaches used in each article in relation to your own knowledge and attitudes in relation to self-care and professional development activities
Criterion 44. Academic writing skills
Task length1000 words


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