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Research Proposal Assignment BIBM787

Research Proposal Assignment BIBM787

Assignment Description

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Research Proposal Assignment Help


Research Proposal

Definition of a Research Proposal:  The proposal is a sound plan for investigating a critical issue in a business context. The proposal should demonstrate the quality and importanceyou’re your study as well as your ability to conduct the proposed  research.


To develop a research proposal for ONE of the areas mentioned below  that is critical to the industry within New Zealand and  that is related to your study major.

Submission: Due on Tuesday 23th October by 4:00 pm.

Electronic submission through Moodle and a hard copy to be submitted to the BIBM787

Assessment Box. Ground Floor. E-Block

Total marks :100

Weighting: 50%

Pass criteria : 50%

Research Proposal

The Research Proposal should include-

  • Title Page – includes all the relevant information (refer to the marking schedule) . Remember that the title page is not the same as the ‘”Assignment Cover Sheet” if you only submit the assignment cover Sheet, without the Title Page following it, you will get O marks.
  • Table of Contents– with the page numbers indicated on the right-hand side
  • Introduction –describes the background to the area you have chosen and the relevance of this for research
  • Aim of the research – provide the purpose of the research. The aim should be written as one clear sentence, with an explanation and clarification following it

. • Objectives/Scope -identify the specific areas you will cover in your research, which forms part of the literature Review. You should include 3-4 points In this section, that are relevant to the aim of the research.

  • Literature Review (1,500 words) – should include a minimum of 8 references.
  1. Use your Objectives/Scope as subheadings.
  2. All information in this section must referenced.
  3. All references should come from English language sites only.
  • Research Methodology and Methods– identify:
  1. Methodology – outline whether your research is Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed Methods. Provide justification for your choice, that is why was this specific methodology chosen?
  2. Methods– identify the right research method/s that you will use appropriate you have choosen.
  3. Research Tools/Instruments – identify the correct data collection tools or instruments for the choice of Research Method/s you have chosen.
  4. Sample/Participants

– Number of participants taking part in your study (questionnaire sample size 30+  if from a general population)

– Place and time of data collection

– Time duration for gathering your primary data. For exarnple, if you are interviewing or if participants are required to complete a questionnaire, how long will it take?

– Attach to the appendices the Questionnaire and/or Interview Questions you have formulated to gather data for your research.

Ethical issues – you need to comment on any ethical issues that may need to be considered when carrying out your research. This section should include:

  1. That participants are giving their views voluntarily.
  2. How privacy will be safe-guarded.
  3. How information they provide will be treated confidentially.



The following areas are of importance to any business:

  1. i) Globalization
  2. ii) Sustainability

iii) Competition

Select ONE of these areas and identify possible research  into this area as it pertains to the industry within your major. The industry must be relevant to business in New Zealand.

You are required to follow the research proposal template on the following page. Ensuring ALL areas are covered.

Word count +/- 2500 words . Including references.

  1. That the data/information they will be giving is going to be stored securely so the anony of respondents can be protected.
  2. Attach ethics documentation to your appendices. These should include Participant information sheet and the Participant consent Form. The participant information sheet should include information about the research you are intending to carry out. Do not submit the form without completing information about your research.
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