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Research On Diversity Assignment

Research On Diversity Assignment

Assignment Description

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Part A – 10 marks


Research on diversity

  • Research on diversity in the organisation cover the following points

Analyse existing practices and Information in relation to diversity. Identify potential benefits of diversity and analyse in relation to business objectives. Consult key stakeholders about their requirements for a diversity policy Access diversity policies from similar organisations and review for relevance to own organization.

Part B – 20 Marks


Documenting the policy

  • Draft policy and plan for implementation

Draft diversity policy, Develop action plans for policy Describe consultation process for key stakeholders for feedback on draft policy and action plan Explain determine relationships and links with other related policies (if relevant) Explain the revision process policy for implementation

Part C – 10 Marks


Implementation Plan

Implement diversity policy Explain and interpret policy to key stakeholders Promote policy across the organisation through a range of communication channels Identify intended and unintended impacts of policy implementation  Develop tools, benchmarks and other indicators for planning and measuring impact of policy’ implementation Monitor business activities, team plans and staff performance to ensure diversity policy is effectively implemented

Part D – 10 Marks

  • Review diversity policy

Gather and analyse information about diversity, the policy and its implementation Consult key stakeholders to provide feedback on the policy Develop and approve recommendations for changes to the policy Refine policy

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