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Public Relations Management Assignment QUT

Public Relations Management Assignment QUT

Assessment Description

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Using the same case as in the first assessment item, you are to identify and analyse a response to the issue that has already been made by the organisation concerned; and suggest an alternative public relations response, drawing upon appropriate theoretical concepts and frameworks, and demonstrating an awareness of the importance of ethical considerations to such decisions.

Your essay should address the following topics:


  1. Identify and analyse ONE specific tactic that your organisation has used in reality to respond to this issue:


What was the tactic used in this response?


Who was the response made to?


Why was the response made to them?


Why was this response made?


Apply a public relations theory or model from the Week 4 lecture to explain this response.



  1. What public relations tactic from those covered in Weeks 8, 9, and 10 in this unit would you have recommended your organisation use in response to this issue and why?


You should consider the following:


What ONE tactic from the lecture content in this unit would you recommend?


Who would this response be made to?


Why would this response made to them?


Why would this tactic be appropriate?



  1. What ethical considerations are involved in making this response? How does this response help your organisation address the issue ethically?

4. Reflect on the thought processes you undertook when deciding on the alternative tactic you recommended. Identify the significance of this reflection to your personal development in work/study. Using the 4Rs framework in the table below, students have to present a short (350 words +/- 10%: this does NOT count towards your overall word limit for this assignment) personal reflection on the recommendation of a specific tactic to an organisation dealing with an issue. The task is to be structured as a series of responses to the questions presented in the table below:



HeadingQuestions to be answered
ReportingWhat tactic did you recommend to the organisation in your assignment? (10 words)
RelatingWhat challenges did you face in making the decision about which tactic to recommend? (100 words)
ReasoningHow did you deal with these challenges, and why did you take that approach? You should draw on your own experiences and perceptions, and perhaps ideas from other study disciplines where appropriate. (140 words)
ReconstructingHow will your experience in reflecting on the decision about which tactic to recommend contribute to your work and/or studies in the future? What areas for self-development have you found? (100 words)

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