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PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management

PROJ6001 Integrated Project Management


In this assessment, students are to work individually or in groups of 3-4 to complete a project management report to Executive Management using PMBOK (PMI, 2013) as a guide. Students assign project management roles and responsibilities to the group members.

This assessment is divided into 2 parts.

Part A – Discussion activity: Change requirement and Project life cycle

To begin Assessment 1 Part A, students will be given a scenario based on approved project. They will identify change requirements of the project and critically analyse how the requirements introduce changes to the project management plan, process groups and life cycle of the project. Students are encouraged to analyse the case and share personal thoughts with group members in the class, and actively seek feedback and inputs from facilitators. The individual and group should organise discussion notes and upload it on the Blackboard accordingly.

Assessment 1 Part A is due by the end of Module 2.

Part B – Individual / Group Report

After the proposed changes to the project management plan and the formulation of project management processes and life cycle, students (individual or in group of 3-4 students) will elaborate and incorporate discussion outcomes from Assessment 1 Part A into a report. The report should be structured using an appropriate business style / format with maximum of 3000 words. The key contents of the report should include but not limited to: Change request analysis; Change details in the project management processes and each stage of project life cycle; Integrated change control; and justifications to the required changes that occur.

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